When will we finally stop with the "New Year's Resolutions" talk??

I have a hard time watching friends and family talk about their New Year's Resolutions each year. It seems that we spend a huge amount of time researching and coming up with the newest and healthiest trends to get ready for the new year...or new you...better you?

You might not like my opinion, but I think New Year's Resolutions are bull crap.

This is how the story goes each and every year: we come up with a list of to-do's or "resolutions" to make us a healthier, stronger, prettier, and more likable person. After a solid week of going to overcrowded gyms, eating all greens, and giving up our favorite soda, somehow it all seems to slip away and then we experience disappointment or a feeling of un-fulfillment that is now carried with us.

It is a terrible feeling knowing that you couldn't obtain your goal for the new year or that you don't have a strong enough will to achieve something you really want.

There may be some of you that are hardcore as f*** and master the hot new bod you're looking for, but for most of us, it never happens.

So, what if we stopped New Year's Resolutions in total? Completely got rid of them and created year-long obtainable goals?

For example, I only worked out on a regular basis twice a week in 2017, and I personally feel I can do a lot better than that. But, I never scheduled it in my planner to make time for a healthier routine.

For 2018, I have already bookmarked fitness for three times a week in my planner. This is not me saying that for a resolution, I will work out every day and lose 10 pounds; this is me trying to be realistic with my schedule and wanting to be the best version of myself.

If something comes up, will I be disappointed if I work out only twice instead of three times? No, because I know there is always next week.

Another goal of mine for 2018 is to talk to loved ones more often. I felt in 2017 that I was a little distant from some family members and friends just with my busy schedule, so I have placed some reminders in my planner to be thinking more of others and not just of myself. I want to make sure I maintain great relationships with my loved ones in this fun and exciting time of my life.

I think that writing goals in a planner, on your sticky notes at work, or just small phone reminders is a great way to start focusing on small or larger goals that you want for 2018.

We truly get ahead of ourselves when we promise that we will eat healthy every single day — like what type of a goal is that? How is that maintainable? How is that possible in everyday living?

It's not.

If you want 2018 to be healthier, make a Pinterest page with fabulous meals so when you make a quick run to Target you have meals that you can think about prepping.

This life we are living is not meant to be perfect. We are not living to change ourselves and the way we are. Becoming a better version of you is possible, but not drastically reasonable. Making huge life-altering goals that we only stick with for two weeks is not good for our health or well-being.

Let's throw away the thought of New Year's Resolutions. Why don't we all take the wonderful opportunity of the new beginning of 2018 to make goals that will enhance us to become better versions of ourselves?