Buying TV Units Online- The Best Bet During Pandemic Times
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Buying TV Units Online- The Best Bet During Pandemic Times

TV Units

Buying TV Units Online- The Best Bet During Pandemic Times

The entertainment world has evolved considerably over the past two decades, and the credit definitely goes to the technological advancements achieved over the period. Users have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a TV set, its compatible consoles, external audio devices and other peripherals.

In addition to these, different types of TV units have also emerged to suit the needs of modern living. There are numerous TV cabinet designs for the living rooms, but how can you be sure of the best design for your living room while shopping online?

In times like these, when we are enduring a pandemic, most of us have resolved to online shopping to meet most of our needs. Post-pandemic, when millions stayed home, there was a considerable rise in the percentage of people shopping online for furniture. According to experts, this percentage is more likely to rise in the future due to further developments in E-commerce. If you search for TV units online, you are going to encounter a diverse range of options, each with its own advantage. It is quite likely that you may end up confused to make the best choice; in that case, you have come to the right place. Before you make a choice, it is ideal that you understand the types of TV units available in the online marketplace.

What are the Various Types of TV Units Available?

There are basically two main types of TV units in the market now- A floor TV unit and a Wall TV Unit.

A floor TV unit is designed to store the television on a stand, which takes up the floor space. It comes in traditional designs and offers users a good storage space to store other items like gaming consoles, home theatre speakers and even books. For instance, a wooden TV stand for living room is sturdier in design and build and is ideal for storing heavy TV sets. Although TV stands may be bulky, they can be moved with considerable ease compared to a wall TV unit.

On the other hand, a wall TV unit is a storage solution that allows the TV to be mounted on the wall. The clear advantage of a wall mount TV stand is that it makes use of the wall space instead of the floor space, ideal for smaller-sized living rooms and bedrooms. Instead of using floor cabinets, they are made of several cabinets and shelves that are mounted on the wall, which are able to store all sorts of items and equipment. Spaciousness is a big advantage associated with the installation of wall TV units. Wall TV units have a sleek and stylish design which is very apt for homes with a modern and contemporary theme.

Besides understanding the types of TV units available, it is also imperative that you consider the following factors before purchasing a product:

1. Overall layout and appearance of the room

Since the TV unit is one of the important components of a room’s furniture, it is ideal that it complements the colour, theme, and décor of the room. While making a choice, make sure that the TV unit’s colour, build, and design does not make the room seem smaller or congested. It should effortlessly blend in with the surroundings and enhance the overall look and ambience of the room.

2. Storage needs

Before buying a floor TV unit with storage cabinets, it is important to pre-determine your storage needs. For small to medium-sized storage needs such as books, magazines, DVDs, and controllers, an average-sized floor TV unit would be sufficient. However, if you’re looking to set up all your entertainment devices, such as video game consoles, karaoke players, and other audio and video equipment, it would be best to buy an adequate entertainment centre wall unit.

3. Size of the TV and material of the TV unit

Certainly, these two parameters go hand in hand. Traditionally or more commonly, different types of wood are used to build TV units. However, these days, users can choose from glass, metal, or fiberboard TV units. Choosing a floor TV unit with a durable and sturdy build for heavier TV sets that can’t be wall-mounted is ideal. To ensure that a TV unit lasts for several years, it is ideal to choose one which is water-resistant, dust-proof and easy to clean. If you are looking for a TV unit that focuses more on sleekness and style and boasts of beauty and luxury, you can opt for TV units with glass cabinets.


To summarise, if you are looking for a TV unit online, make sure that you have considered all the above factors and determined your interior design needs to choose that perfect TV unit that would last for years to come. It is important to do so because to enjoy the viewing experience; a TV is not enough; it is the overall ambience and setup of the entertainment area which matters.

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