Butler Is More Global Than You Think

With school getting ready to be back in session and students back on campus, I thought this was an appropriate time for this article. A restaurant is not always the best place to make a connection with someone, but for whatever reason, over the last several shifts, I have experienced something I have never experienced before. I have been able to make a connection with several customers of mine. While making these connections, I realized Butler University is more global than I thought.

With that being said, over the last week and a half, I have met people from Illinois and Wisconsin and I'm sure some other states as well. But nothing will beat the people I met the weekend of the 12th. I met this father and son duo from Hungary. Both were completely American, but they just happen to live in Hungary.

It was amazing to me to see how global Butler really is. I also learned that this kid lived in Albania up until he was 9 years old and then he moved to Hungary with his family and now he is going to be living in the Untied States for the first time in his life.

When people think of Europe, they do not think of Albania and Hungary so naturally, I asked how he ended up at Butler if he is from Hungary. He told me and then he also proceeded to tell me he chose Butler without ever stepping foot onto campus until the day I met him.

This really showed me how global Butler really is. Yes, we all know there are international students at Butler, but they make up a small portion of the students. I have met some of the international students before, and they are all really nice, but I have not had a story like this one before. It is amazing what you can learn from someone in just a few minutes. This leads into my next part of this article however, this story will not be as interesting.

Earlier in the same week that I had met this father-son duo, I had met two other father-son duos that were visiting campus for the first time as the sons were seniors in high school and beginning to look into schools. As I was talking to the tables the father's started to ask me questions about Butler and myself and I answered their questions.

It always amazes me to see what states and countries people come from to attend Butler. Over the last week and a half I have realized that Butler truly is a global school! Go Dawgs and Happy First Day of Class!

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