Why you should create your branded messaging app
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Why you should create your branded messaging app

Let's find out what is the purpose of having a branded messaging app and the way it can help your business communication.

Why you should create your branded messaging app

Years ago people used to communicate via SMS or email. But now we prefer messenger as a practical tool to stay in touch with our friends, learn about the latest news or even order something online.

Messaging apps have become popular among marketers as well, since with a branded messaging app you can easily reach out to your customers.

For example, if you have started a small business and you need a messaging app to establish a link between you and your community, having a white label messaging app is the best choice. You will not spend months on creating the app. You can have a business-ready messaging app in around two weeks.

Here are the main reasons why it is important to have your branded messaging app.

24/7 support

Almost everyone prefers texting over calling and no one wants to wait in lines to ask a question. But if you have your own app, your customers will have a chance to contact you and ask you any question via direct messaging.


When you just start your business, you need to start talking about your product and do everything possible to be visible for everyone. Some of your customers use Android devices, while others prefer iOS devices. Make sure your branded messaging app is available on Google Store, App store and that it has the desktop version.


It's important to make sure your branded messaging app is secure enough for the users to share media files or talk about confidential topics. Choose Zangi White Label solution if you want to have a business-ready secure messaging app in a couple of weeks.

Personal communication

When you message your customers, they feel special and the communication becomes more personal and trustworthy. You can offer some discounts or just get to know your community members by texting them directly.


If you get an email from a company, you are most probably going to ignore it. But if you receive a direct message you are more likely to answer. You can have a fast response from your users and use the app as a tool to get feedback and conduct surveys.


Use your branded messaging app for promotional campaigns. You can offer some discounts, organize engaging games or share some news. Use your app as a Marketing tool.


If you are launching a new product or you just wrote a new blog post, you can share the news through your branded messaging app and save money on advertisement.


Building a white label messaging app will cost you less and will generate more leads than spending time and money on advertising and trying to find customers through other platforms.

Consumer psychology

When you give your customers a platform where they can share their opinion and complains about your product, they feel that their voice has been heard. If you gain their trust, they become the best advocates of your product.


Last but not least, if you have your own branded messenger, you are able to provide a better personal experience to your customers. You should consider the user experience and customer satisfaction first. This will help you stand out among other companies by delivering a unique experience to your customers.

We are all lucky to live in a golden age of innovations. Nowadays, it only takes two weeks to become an owner of a messaging app. If you don't have any coding experience, you can have your own branded messaging app just by choosing Zangi White Label solution. Take this important step and use your app to grow your business and connect with your community.

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