When my roommate and I first agreed to become roommates, we were hellbent on Livingston. We wanted to live there because it was so close to everything and had exciting things to do, like watching a movie at the Cinema. We even put Cook/Doug as our third choice because we'd rather live in the "dusty towns of Douglass" than live at Busch. However, the last question on the roommate agreement asked us what our first preference would be amongst "roommate, campus, or living preference (gender)." And we picked "roommate."

Fast forward to August, when we found out we were roommates. We were ECSTATIC. But then we found out that our mailing address was "BPO Way," which meant Busch Post Office. Some people said that wouldn't be the final outcome while others said it would. We still had hopes for Livi when we officially found out we were living at Allen Hall, on BUSCH. I was so devastated. Like BUSCH? Really??? Just some geese and nerdy STEM kids???

Hard pass. I'm a liberal arts major. I was so not looking forward to move-in day.

When we got here, I noticed how old and moldy the residence hall was. Even my mother was like, "ugh, I'm so sorry." I met my roommate (who's actually a literal sweetheart) and started moving in. First thing I noticed was how big our room was. It didn't feel cramped at ALL. We're also two very small females. We also had our own air conditioning and heating unit in the ROOM that we could control at all times. So it really wasn't that bad compared to a cramped dorm at Livi with no AC/ Heating.

I thought the bus system would be really annoying because Busch has nothing on it, but I was very wrong. Busch Campus runs five routes, two of them to College Ave. Most of my classes are on College Ave, so the buses were never a hassle. Busch Campus is also very quiet. No loud parties or trash on the sidewalks. No crimes either. It's quite serene, actually.

We also learned to love the geese. If you're respectful, they're respectful. It's a shared, mutual relationship. I've run into a few geese and just been very chill, and they've cooperated as well. They like to hang out in a little creek that runs behind my dorm, where they take their luxurious baths. Their honking wakes us up more of the time than our actual alarm clocks.

The one thing that wasn't that great is how far we had to walk to a bus stop, since the BAMM ( Barr, Allen, Mattia, Metzger) dorms are the furthest from everything. The dining hall being a long walk away also made things complicated, as we didn't eat some nights. Now that the year's ending though, I'm pretty sad to be leaving this place. We wanted to live at the Busch Suites because we'd just gotten so used to Busch. We didn't get the Suites, however. Instead, we got our little dream of living at College Ave come true.

Although we're gonna miss Busch greatly, we're excited for what the future holds.