Get the picture? Burning questions... firemen... I crack myself up!

If I could have one superpower, I would choose to read minds. I have always wondered what people are actually thinking because the majority of the time people do not tell the truth. I’m sure guys and girls can both attest to that fact as well. Let’s be honest ladies and gentlemen, we are all wondering what the other sex is thinking and if we could read each other minds we would all know! I cannot speak on behalf of guys wondering what girls are really thinking and what questions they are dying to ask them, but I can relate to the female department.

Us girls are very curious human beings and some of us are very shy as well, so don’t expect us to come right out and ask the questions we so desperately want to know. Thanks to the help of a very reliable handful of friends, I have compiled questions that girls really want to know about guys. Instead of wishing for the superpower to read each other's minds, hopefully guys and girls can come right out and ask / answer these questions! It would save us girls a whole lot of stress and girl gabbing!

Here is a compilation of questions that most girls would like answered, but are too scared to come right out and say! Hopefully, this will do a service to girls who never thought about some of these important questions and a service to guys who should just be upfront about the answers to these questions. Who knows ladies, maybe some rockstar of a gentleman will do you the honor and answer some of these for you!

1. How many girls have you slept with?

2. What do you notice on a girl first?

3. What are some things girls say / do that piss you off?

4. Why do you suck at texting?

5. How do you talk to your guy friends about us?

6. What qualities make a girl datable?

7. What qualities are super unattractive in girls?

8. Would you ever tell a girl you were dating that you don’t like her friends?

9. Why are boys obsessed with sex?

10. How do you drink copious amounts of alcohol so fast? Is there a class for that?

11. How do you survive living in a frat house?

12. What do you pay attention to during sex, if anything?

13. Do you think out every single text message you send to a girl?

14. If a girl triple texts you, is that a turn off?

15. If a girl offers it, would you always sleep with them on the first date?

16. If you have sex with a girl, do you immediately go tell your guy friends or is it more low key?

17. What are a guys stance on online dating?

18. How often do you lie to girls to look cool?

19. To guys, why are bodily functions funny? No, seriously why?

20. Are you intimidated if a girl is smarter than you?

21. Is it more attractive if a girl lacks experience or has more experience than you?

Yes, I'm aware some of these answers may vary depending on the guy, but just humor me OK? So girls put on your big girl pants and let's ask the guys these questions. Men / boys / gentlemen if you are reading this, then do us all a favor a text a girl you know and answer these questions for her. Whether you know it or not she is probably curious about the answers to half of them.