7 Gifts That Won't Break The Bank

As the holiday season comes near, it means that is time to start buying gifts. But, what do you do on a tight budget? I am proud to say that over the years, I have learned some tricks to save some bucks. That does not mean that everything is Do It Yourself because no one has time for that. Nor am I that crafty...

1. Bake their favorite dessert

We all love dessert, it is the best part of any full course meal or just as a snack. If you are tight on funds, bake as a gift. Not only does it reflect that you thought about what that person likes. But, if you can eat some of the desserts as you are baking.

2. Check out stores like Marshalls and Five Below

I was shopping with my friend at Five Below, and she saw a shadow box that doubled as a piggy bank that said "adventure fund" for $3. She had just bought something identical from Amazon for $15. Shopping on a budget doesn't mean you can't find awesome gifts, but you have to shop smart. Go online for something that you are thinking the gift recipient would like, and then go to the stores to find things similar.

3. Book Stores

That cute notebook at Urban Outfitters that costs $25? If you go to a bookstore you will not only find a treasure as a gift. But, bookstores have the perfect small gifts. Bookstores like Strand sell bags, pins, posters, and other things that make wonderful gifts.

4. Drug Stores

Some of my favorite little things are from Walgreens and Rite Aid. When I was in High School and only had $25 for gifts, I would go to the drug stores. Most parents have cards with these stores that give discounts too. Walgreens also has become trendy as of late, selling mule mugs and fake succulents.

5. Buy gifts in sets

If you have a friend group, odds are you all share similar taste. If you buy two or three different sets and divide them up, you have pretty awesome gifts. Plus you can mix and match based on each person's preferences. It is like a holiday goodie bag.

6. Stick to basics

You can never go wrong with buying fuzzy socks, sweaters, slippers, or mugs for someone. It once seemed boring, but as a college student, you need socks. Not to mention how nice it is to get essentials and not having to buy them. These are gifts that never go out of style. (insert t-swift pun)

7. Make a kit

You do not have to be crafty for this. Pick their favorite drink, snack or hobby to make a kit. If they love coffee, buy some different flavors coffee packets and put that in a mug. If they like watching movies, buy a box or two of popcorn and their favorite candy. Simple things that truly make someone know that you put thought into their gift.

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