Schools finally done for and the warm weather’s finally here. If you’re anything like me you’re starting to realize you don’t have that many summers left before you are in the real world, with no summer break to look forward too. With only a limited amount of time before the big A word (adulthood) takes over, take some time to have some fun! These are the carefree times you should always want to remember.

1.Go on a hike. Go on so many hikes. Nothing is better than being outside and exploring.

2.Do a color run. (Do it while it’s warm now instead of freezing in the fall later!)

3.Try a new restaurant. Some place you have always been scared to go or have always been interested to try. Just go!

4.Turn your phone off for one day. Just live in the moment. (If you can make it one day than try even longer!)

5.Take pictures. Take a lot of pictures. Post them, or don’t. Do whatever you want to do. Document your memories.

6. Start a journal.

7. Volunteer with an organization you’ve never participated in before.

8. Go through all of your old clothes and donate them! Someone else is going to really appreciate it.

9. Go to a yard sale and find some super awesome things! One man's trash is another man's treasure!

10. Make a huge slip and slide!

11. Go on a picnic.

12. Plant a garden.

13. Go to a concert.

14. Go to another concert.

15. Random road trip!

16. Go to the beach!

17. Do something, anything, completely out of your comfort zone.

18. Join a class. Painting, dancing, kickboxing, anything!

19. Make time for you friends. Summer can get busy with the constant amount of pressure to make sure you are making enough money to get you through the school year, but make sure you make time for them!

20. Go to a store you can totally not afford and try on all the clothes you would buy if you could.

21. Go to a pet store and give the puppies some lovin’! (and try not to take them all home.)

22. Make a goal and reach it by the end of the summer.

23. Try yoga.

24. Cook something you’ve never made before.

25. Lay outside at night and just look at the stars.

26. Make a huge change. Change your hair, your wardrobe, anything! Just try something new!

27. Paint a picture. Even if you can only draw a stick figure, paint! You never know how awesome something can turn out until you do it!

28. Go to the beach! Everyone needs a little sand between their toes to help them relax.

29. Go to a waterfall!

30. Take a drive. Anywhere. Get lost, you never know where you might end up.

31. Have the time of your life, you only live once!