Brushing Your Teeth after giving birth!

Brushing Your Teeth after giving birth!

Brushing Your Teeth with minerals restores teeth


As a woman most mothers will tell you having a baby for the first time is an amazing joy. However, most mother's often lack the knowledge needed to understand when nutrient deficiency has gone too far. Women whom have given birth more than once are especially at risk. While brushing your teeth if you experience sensitivity it may be caused from mineral deficiency.

The lack of minerals in your teeth will eventually lead to gum disease and tooth decay. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out dental problems lead to spending more money at the dentist.

Brushing Your Teeth with minerals restores teeth

The smartest thing to do is to start brushing your teeth with a tooth remineralization powder and begin consuming super foods. Brushing your teeth works and eating the right foods do also. The first product is by Country Farms and it's called Super Greens. This product is so amazing because it contains 50 organic super foods like wheat grass, alfalfa, kale, aloe, probiotics, and that's just to name some of the ingredients. It comes in powdered form and the color of the powder is green.

I decided to start using this product because I was extremely malnourished. Inside of the Country Farms container is a plastic circular scooper. I put a full scoop inside of a Ninja blender with 1 banana, cinnamon powder, 1 Carrington Farm flax hemp pack, and black chia seeds. For the liquid I used a homemade turmeric tea I made with lemon, and honey and I chilled it overnight. After blending it I poured this mixture into tiny food containers and I stuck all 5 of them in the freezer.

Everyday I pulled one out of the freezer to thaw and I blended this with more of my flavored turmeric tea. I added chia seeds because they contain more calcium then milk. I followed this routine for one year the results were amazing. The quality of my teeth felt thicker and my bones stopped squeaking. I had very weak bones because I stayed at 110lbs from middle school all the way up to college years. During that time frame my favorite food was Hot Cheetos. So one can only imagine how malnourished I was.

Tokemoe Tooth Powder

To remineralize my teeth I used a product called Tokemoe Tooth Powder. Tokemoe Tooth Powder has over 45 plus minerals, it's alkaline and from my personal experience the taste is neutral. Before brushing my teeth, I shook the powder 5 times into my 2oz cup of water.

Next, I stirred it and allowed it to dissolve in the water while I was brushing my teeth. After I was done brushing my teeth, I swished the tooth powder in my mouth for approximately 3 min. I highly recommend brushing your teeth with a soft bristle tooth brush.

Overall, I noticed my teeth were thicker because of what I ate and the Tokemoe Tooth powder. Consider looking into a good remineralization toothpaste. I write all of this to say it wasn't hard at all to restore minerals back into my body and teeth. If I did it, I know mothers can do the same. Start brushing your teeth wisely and believe that remineralization works. If I did it, I know mothers can do the same.

About the author

Sally Stefnor enjoys writing about topics that can truly enrich your life. If you enjoyed this article research more information about the different foods and products mentioned.

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