Life of a Brown Woman on the Internet

Life of a Brown Woman on the Internet

We scream diversity but little things like this don't show it...

My articles are usually about our country as a whole or something else political. But this article is focused specifically on African American women, actually, women who are not white. So, let's go.

Have you ever noticed that when you're looking for a hairstyle or an outfit on Google you have to type in, "bob hairstyle on black woman" or something of that sort? Do it right now, if you type in "bob hairstyle" the majority of pictures are of women who are of a "lighter" complexion.

Why is this the case? Who truly knows? I do know that the occasional Beyoncé and Keri Hilson pictures that pop up in the mix doesn't suffice. And it never will.

It's the exact same hairstyle so if I ask Google to show me a specific hairstyle then I should be able to see varieties. Google doesn't know my race or skin tone. (It might, because it knows everything) But limiting me and my primary Google search to white women is not cool.

Women of other races have different hair textures, different highlights, different facial structures etc. This is not for me to be racist at all, but when I type in "bob hairstyle", all of the pictures look the same, except for the white women who add layers to their bobs, that's it.

This topic may not be a big deal but it is a bother. Not a huge bother, but it's something that happens that no one ever talks about.

And I use the term "black women" but I mean women of brown complexions. This could be black women, Hispanic women, and all other types of women who don't fall under the "white" category.

I understand that this topic is minuscule compared to all of the other problems in the world but I felt like this needed to be addressed even if it was just to touch on it.

Cover Image Credit: Jordan4Change

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Why Your Grandma Is Your Biggest Blessing In Life

Because nobody loves you more than she does.

There are many people in your life you are thankful for: Mom, Dad, siblings, cousins, best friends, teachers, neighbors, you name it. You are grateful to have people who constantly support you, who pick you up when you're down and love you unconditionally. But the one person who stands out among the rest of them is your grandma.

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Ever since you were little, you and your grandma have always had a special connection. Going over to Grandma's house for the night was something you looked forward to. She knew how to entertain you at your best and worst moments. No matter what you did together, you loved it. Being with your grandma wasn't like being at home or with your parents – it was better. You went to the park, made cookies, went out to dinner, got a “sweet treat" at the mall, played Go Fish, took a bubble bath for as long as you wanted and got way too much dessert than you should have. You did things you weren't supposed to do, but Grandma didn't stop you. Because at Grandma's house there were no rules, and you didn't have to worry about a single thing. Being with Grandma was the true epitome of childhood. She let you be you. She always made sure you had the best time when you were with her, and she loved watching you grow up with a smile on your face.

The older you got, your weekend excursions with your grandma weren't as frequent, and you didn't get to see her as much. You became more and more busy with school, homework, clubs, sports, and friends. You made the most out of your time to see her, and you wished you could be with her more. Although you were in the prime of your life, she mattered even more to you the older you both became. You were with your friends 24/7, but you missed being with your grandma. When the time rolled around, and you got the chance to spend time with her, she told you never to apologize. She wanted you to go out, have fun and enjoy life the way it makes you happy.

Reflecting back on these moments with your grandma, you realize how truly special she is to you. There is no one who could ever compare to her nor will there ever be. All your life, there is no one who will be as sweet, as caring, as sincere or as genuine as her. Even though you're all grown up now, there are things about your grandma that never changed from when you were a kid. She still takes you out for your favorite meal because she knows how important eating out means to you. She writes you letters and sends you a $5 bill every now and then because she knows you're a hard-working college student with no money. She still helps you with all of your Christmas shopping because she knows it's your tradition. She still asks what's new with your young life because hearing about it makes her day and she still loves you to no end. Your grandma is your biggest blessing (whether you knew it or not), and she always will be no matter what.

Cover Image Credit: Erin Kron

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To The Mom That Went Through Many Tangles, Trials, And Tribulations To Manage  Her Daughter's Natural Hair

Your efforts do KNOT go unnoticed


As a young adult who has been taming her curls by herself for almost a decade, I can say, it is not easy. All women with textured or curly hair can attest to the struggle of getting to know your own hair, finding what products, styles, and routines work for you. But, before this journey and behind every natural haired woman stands an adult who spent hours detangling curls, deep-conditioning, styling braids, and all so they could it again the next day. To the moms who managed our hair before we were old enough to, we thank you.

No matter what way you chose to tame our hair, we appreciate you. Whether it was straightened, slicked ponytails, messy puffs, space-buns, fros, twist-outs, braids, or any attempt to style it - we applaud you. Now, at the moment, our tender heads might cause us to cry and whine or the long hours spent sitting between your legs might make us fidget but years down the line we will look back and see how that built character.

At an age where we're too young to weave our way through the kinks and curls of our hair, you were our only hope. For every event, big or small, you were there to tend to the most feminine and beautiful part of us. You were there, brush, comb, scrunchies- a million products in hand- to assure that we looked and felt our best.

And now I can say, from experience, I know it is not easy (or cheap) and there were days where it was too much work and you settled for a second-day messy bun. I'm here to say, even that we thank you for. Every snapped comb, broken hair tie, a glob of shea butter, and that one curl that always stuck out, is part of who we are now (and who your little girl will grow to be). We learned what works and what doesn't, what we like and what we don't, all because of you.

To the women behind every 6/7-year-old curly haired little girl, to the legs they sit between, to the fingers that move through their knots, thank you for maintaining what will become these little girls' favorite part of themselves.

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