Let's start out with explaining that my brother is not 'normal'; he is autistic, diabetic, and epileptic. He is a senior this year at Fairless High School, however he will be continuing at FHS until he is 21 given his circumstances (hear that Stark County Board of Disabilities? He WILL stay at Fairless. (This is another argument where they think he is transferring schools). But for all intents and purposes, he is a senior and within his high school peers, and is treated as such. Meaning prom, senior nights, and senior skip day.

Since he is registered as a disabled student, my brother was invited to two proms: one with FHS and one put on for all of the disabled students within our county. Sounds really sweet right? Well, let me explain.

If my brother had his choice, I am sure he would not pick my mom and I for his prom dates. Why both of us? My mom attended the prom with FHS, and I attended the Stark MRDD prom. Originally, my mom was supposed to be his date to both proms to attend to my brother's medical needs. She filled out a guest form for and attended FHS's prom no problem, no questions asked. But when she tried to attend the Stark MRDD prom, oddly enough, this action got the most controversy.

Apparently, parents are not allowed to attend the special needs prom to make sure the kids don't act differently with parents around. I get that. We all act differently around parents. However, even given my brother's need of medical treatment (a shot after dinner, as well as checking his blood throughout the night), no exceptions were made. Even after discussing that this was for his health and well-being, the administrators would not budge. This prom is supposed to accommodate those who would not be at a 'normal' prom, but nope. No accommodations here. They did, however, try to compromise with a nurse; a nurse who offered to check my brother's blood every hour. Now how is this fair to him? To get pricked every hour unnecessarily?

Finally, I ended up being his prom date. I know how to check his blood and can give him a shot at the end of the night. BUT even with me knowing how to draw his insulin, he was still affected by my mother's absence, in that, I had to provide him with a bigger shot as a just-in-case cushion, because his main caregiver was not allowed to be present.

Oh, and did I mention kids were NOT allowed to leave early? We all know we left our proms early to go to a bonfire or if the prom sucked. But no, these kids had to stay there all night even if they wanted to leave early. This prom is supposed to be a great opportunity for those not able to attend their regularly scheduled high school proms. In reality, this is just another event reminding them they are not like the 'normal' kids, and they never will be.