Brosef with the Mostef

Thomas “Sillypants”,

When you left for college I stole your room and mailed you pictures of Nic Cage. I really am the weirdest sibling you have. I may have spent a lot of our lives being a pain to you, you even let me call you the nicknames Shawn called Gus in Psych, but we’ve become best friends. You’re the person I go to when I have a problem. We talk about everything, some weird and some too personal.

When we were younger you and your friends hated being stuck with me. Now you guys let me hang out with you, I’ve finally made it. You guys can tolerate me for short periods of time. I'm finally kind of cool.

Thomas, you are the weirdest of my three brothers. Example being you are trying to steal my cat because “our cats are a pair now, Amanda. We can’t separate them”. I’ll probably let you take my cat, but I won’t let you forget that she is mine.

You used to let me play with your Pokemon figures. I loved the cards and game we would play, even though I always chose water types so you would know how to destroy my team.

Thomas you're my best friend in the world, other than Beans.You have been the most supportive person when it came to me deciding what I want to do with my life. Others told me majoring in english was a bad idea, that I’d never do anything with my life if I did it, but you told me to do what I wanted and everyone else can just shut up. I promise that if I ever become a lawyer, and make the big bucks, I will actually buy you the dog you want. Love you, Lavender Gooms.

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