5 Ways To Do Spring Break On A Budget

It’s that time of year again, SPRING BREAK! Thousands of college students are ready for a week of no classes, no homework, no worries and a fun time. The ideal trip is a week in Miami or a cruise in the Caribbean, but let’s be honest, we are in college. We don’t have that kind of money. Some are lucky enough to go on those trips, but for many of us, that’s out of our price range. Here are some ideas for spring break trips on a budget.

1. Take a road trip.

I’m lucky enough to have a roommate who recently moved north from Georgia, so she has friends and family down there. My brothers also live in Georgia, so it seemed the perfect place to go. Unfortunately, I won’t get to see my brothers, but that’s okay. We will be staying at my roommate's friends house for two days before going to Hilton Head Island for a couple days. No one has the money to fly down, so we chose to take the 11-hour car ride option. Who cares if it’s long, it’s time with friends. And hey, you can belt to your favorite songs along the way.

2. Go camping...or glamping.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer place, you could go camping! If one of your friends has a camper, that's even better. My family has a camper, but March in Pennsylvania is not camping weather. I guess you could if you wanted to freeze, or had a bunch of heaters, but we’ll save camping for the warmer places.

3. Have a week-long slumber party.

Choose to go to a friends house for the week and experience their hometown. You can have fun without going anywhere!

4. Go on an alternative Spring Break trip.

Mansfield offers an alternative spring break trip abroad. Some of them may be expensive, but some are reasonably priced. If your school offers an alternative spring break, check the price and you have that as an option.

5. Stay in bed until the end of time.

Stay at home and lay in bed. You don’t have to go anywhere for spring break and the cheapest option is to go nowhere at all. Take this week to sleep, because we all know we don’t get much at school.

Whatever you decide to do with your spring break, whether a trip or just staying at home, enjoy it. You deserve this week off of school!

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