Water is essential to life, we all have to drink it and we should drink a lot of it. Water is necessary for each person's survival but guess what... so is the environment that we all live in. If you don't know this by now then shame on you, but plastic is incredibly detrimental to our environment. The majority of plastic products are not recyclable and even then, the ones that are often don't end up being recycled. Not to mention, plastic (water bottles and all other plastic items) often end up carelessly thrown away, either tossed onto the ground or somehow ending up into the ocean. If you don't care about the planet, at least care about the plethora of animals you could be killing.

Now is the time to stop continuously spending on packs of plastic water bottles and do yourself, as well as the environment, a huge favor by switching to Brita Filters and reusable water bottles. They may seem to be an expensive purchase but trust me, it is cheaper in the long run than continuously having to purchase pack after pack of plastic water bottles. If you're someone who drinks a lot of water every day, you probably chug through bottles. Not to mention, if you're sharing a pack of water, I'm sure the bottles will disappear sooner than you think.

Moreover, by switching to reusable water bottles and utilizing a Brita Filter, you no longer have to clean up the empty bottles strewn around your room and throughout your car. If you're lazy (like I am), this will be a huge time saver. Not to mention, there are many different types of Brita Filters. They have pitcher style ones that you can fill up and then place into your fridge to keep cold. They have ones that attach to your sink so that you can save fridge space and just fill up directly from the sink.

I personally use the one that attaches to my sink but since I prefer having cold water, I just fill up my own pitcher and leave it in the fridge. I find this more versatile but honestly, both options are very easy to use!

The one con of Brita Filters is having to replace the filter every three months but in my opinion, that is still a cheaper alternative than having to buy multiple packs of water and having that cost add up over time. Don't let the lower price of a pack of water bottle trick you. A Brita Filter may be expensive when first purchasing but it's about spending more at one time to save more over time!