Things you Should do Daily to Bring People up.

In a world governed by the number of likes and followers, self-esteem may hit low points. I've seen people all around me worried about the amount of double-taps they'll get on a post, why people didn't comment enough, and surf through their followers to see who unfollowed them and why. Social media has numerous positives, but when it consumes one's life, it may cause self-doubt and comparative behavior.

This week, I wanted to focus on bringing people up and being a support system because you never know when someone may need it. These are some ways to help boost the happiness of those around you, and subsequently yourself, with even the smallest gestures!

Talk Behind People's Back... But About Good Things.

Try to share a positive thing about a coworker, classmate, etc. to another person. Tell your friends that you "love the way Sheila dresses", that you think "Tom is so funny", or that you find Steve's jokes "absolutely hilarious". Just like bad rumors spread, so will good compliments! Change the atmosphere. Instead of judging people and talking behind their backs, say things you love and respect about them and watch how the environment changes for the better!

Notes are NOT Outdated... AT ALL.

I mean this. If you know me, I am known for handing out little thank you cards, long letters, and short notes. In a world of texting, a handwritten notes goes A LONG way, and is one of my favorite ways to express gratitude or appreciation. This is my favorite way of putting a smile on someone's face. I love meeting people, and giving them a note of appreciation really shows them how much they mean not just to you, but to everyone else around them! These notes will be kept for years and cherished, guaranteed!

Share a Smile

This is one of the simplest things you can do to totally shift the atmosphere around you from unfriendly to more radiant and bright! Don't wait for someone to smile at you; smile at people you pass in hallways, in your classroom, or in your workplace! It breaks any existing tensions, and can be the start of a new frienship, or at least spark some joy in that other person!

Give Gifts When People Least Expect Them

You don't have to spend more than a quarter on these! Gifts from the heart are far more valuable than gifts from your wallet! You can print out pictures of a favorite memory, get a little memento that reminds you of a conversation with them, or write something meaningful for someone. I do these all the time, and the smiles I get from people are priceless, especially when they aren't expecting anything from you. People love to be surprised and remembered, and this is one of the best ways to do that for a friend or even a coworker!

Tell People What You Appreciate About Them

… and do it almost every day or as often as possible! Something as simple as complimenting someone's shoes, new hairstyle, or smile goes a long way. You can even state one reason you're grateful for them, something you want to learn from them, or something you think they are very talented at! This boosts self-confidence, and your personal happiness as well!
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