This is how I imagine NPDs final stage of life. They use and abuse people in their lives only to get their supply (others feeding that fake ego) because down deep inside they know how inadequate they are.


Whose ego is that?

I think I know!

Its owner is quite sad though.

He runs to and fro

No direction

No place to go

He checks for his ego

Nobody has fed his ego

Not since long ago


His tears start to flow

Struggles through the sobs

Holds his breath

Wishing desperately to hear a sound


All Alone

The ego is large, fake and deep,

But he has promises to keep,

Until then he shall not sleep.

He lies in bed, gripped with fear

Who am I , if not a king?

Where is the crown

I should adorn?

I deserve it!

Large, fake ego

Lulls, soothes, and tricks him once more.

Self inflated, important, almost elated.

Fake ego fills him with courage

"Sneak a peak" his Ego encouraged

The mirror

Yes! An old friend indeed!

Yes, I am right!

Expecting to see

He is still a almighty king!

His ego rules again

They're are all wrong


Forget those who didn't understand

I am a very special man!

Children should look up to me!

Women should beg to be with me!

Friends have fun because of me!

Foes, ha! They are just jealous of me!

Whose ego is that?

I think I know!

The man who stares into the mirror like so...

The stare turns into a glare

Like the spoiled child he's always been

He pouts, sighs, and seethes from within

His reflection, tells the truth.

No lie to tell!

There he is

Can't call this man!

Not a human being!

Nor a almighty king!

A man who has no song to sing!

His crown is made of many twisted thorns!

One for each family member, friend, woman, and foe

That were swept up into his storm

His Ego storm!

He rises from his bitter bed,

With thoughts of sadness in his head,

He idolises being dead.

Facing the day with never ending dread.

Karma finally got to him

This he knows

His youth, virility, and engery

now expired.

He had and lost all that

he desired.

His ego large, fake, and deep

He even fell for his own deceit

There he goes

To and fro

No direction

No place to go

Lost without his mask of lies and finally humbled by his demise

Destined to be alone

For his ego had to crush so many

Just so one day he might sit upon his throne

His large fake ego can fool him still

But everyone now knows

His poison makes everyone ill

Back to his lonely world

Beckoning, welcoming is

his trusty Bitter Bed

He falls asleep

With thought of saddness in his head

Idolizing being dead.

Facing each day with neverending dread.

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