Breathe In And Breathe Out

I sometimes forget to breathe.

I breathe out, but never seem to breathe in.

I constantly find myself breathless.

Breathless from the chaos.

I'm winded.

I find myself running the race,

but I can't withstand the pace.

I inhale, I exhale, I inhale, I exhale.

I can't breathe.

I struggle to catch my breath,

but I keep running.

But I can't withstand this pace forever.

Eventually I will have to stop.

Eventually I will run-out of steam.

But, why do I put myself through this?

Why do I set such a quick pace for myself?

Why don't I slow down?

Why can't I be content in walking, in stopping?

The reality is, I can.

Contentment in the peace, in the silence, in just stopping,

can bring so much relief.

He calls me to stop.

To look around.

To breathe in His beauty, His Mercy, and His Endless Love.

I run the race He has set before me.

I struggle to breathe.

But then I remember that He gives life to my lungs.

I push ahead and take in the crisp air.

It fills my lungs and I am revived.

I breathe in and breathe out, and all is right.

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