Take the breath.

Finals are coming up and the semester is ending and the sun is setting earlier and earlier and it makes you think that you have less time. So calm down. Take the breath.

You probably don’t want to, or you think that you don’t have to, but take the breath. Trust me when I say that it’s worth it. You don’t really need to have a reason for it, you’re allowed to just take the breath without explaining it to everyone. You probably need the break, and not just from school, but from going out and being social, from getting up every morning, from putting on real clothes and doing your makeup and straightening your hair.

You deserve to take a day and just lay in bed and watch Netflix and most importantly, not doing a single thing that you don’t have to do.

And this is what you should do.

Sleep. Sleep longer than you have in awhile and try and sleep better than you have in awhile. Wake up and make coffee or tea or something warm(unless it’s hot where you are) and sit in bed for as long as you can. Sit there and do nothing but sit on your phone or if that’s an issue don’t sit on your phone because you don’t need that. Brush your teeth and wash your face and do a facemask if you can because today is about you.

Watch Netflix or Hulu or something. Watch something happy and light or watch a bad Christmas movie or watch anything that won’t make you sad. Watch something that doesn’t take a lot of brainpower and just watch it for hours. Make sure you eat but maybe just order pizza so you don’t have to walk all the way to the dining hall or something.

Don’t do anything that will strain you. Don’t even put your contacts in if you can avoid it. Take the day and breathe because tomorrow you can get back to everything else. Put everything on pause for a day.

Trust me. Just take the breath.