Breanna Stewart has been quite popular in the news lately and for a good reason. If you haven't heard any of the latest accomplishments in the world of sports, here is a quick recap. Not only did Breanna Stewart help her team to a victory this year in the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship, she has also helped her team win the championship all four years that she attended University of Connecticut. That is a feat that only Stewart and two of her fellow teammates, Moriah Jefferson and Morgan Tuck, have accomplished. That isn't even the end of the accomplishments that she has had while attending UConn.

During her collegiate basketball years, Stewart won Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four all four years they were in the tournament, she won the Wade Trophy twice and not to mention she had 151 victories and only five losses during her career. That is incredibly amazing and it seems like something that is impossible to accomplish. Four years and only five losses? I don't believe there is any other team out there that can say they have only lost five games in four years of playing. It is something that Stewart and her entire time should be incredibly proud of.

Even more crazy facts is that she will probably go down in NCAA history as one of the most outstanding players of all time! She ranks third all time in points with 446, second in blocks with 71 and third in rebounds with 207. I could go on and on about how amazing she is and how incredible her journey with this school has been but that would be an extremely long list.

I think the coolest things about Breanna Stewart is that she grew up in Syracuse, NY and went to Cicero-North Syracuse High School located in Cicero, NY. Luckily I, and everyone who was lucky enough to attend high school with her, saw her grow into the amazing basketball player that she is today. I know that I wasn't the only one who saw her play in the high school gym and thought that she was going places. It's just really cool how close to home she was and how she has become a town celebrity. I can say with confidence that there were quite a few people who were confused on who to root for during that game between SU and UConn.

Her accomplishments are just beginning and I, personally, can't wait to see where she ends up! I can't wait to see her persevere in everything she does. She is quite possibly one of the most amazing athletes of all time and there is no way that you won't hear of her after this season. This girl is on quite the roll and I doubt she is going to stop for a second.