Breakup Letter To March In Cuse

A Breakup Letter To March In Cuse: You Did Us All Dirty With The Weather

Bring on the April Showers

Ashley Britton

Dear March in Cuse,

I wanted to start by saying thank you for endless hail, freezing rain, and crazy winds this past March. It was all so appreciated. We started the month on March 1st with a whopping low of 9 degrees! Love that. I just have to say, weather averaging in the 30s and 40s all month was not cool. It was March, spring was coming. We all wanted to wear our cute trendy spring clothes and play frisbee on the quad. We wanted to be outside, to breathe fresh air, but it didn't happen like that. Instead, everyone was bundled up in their Canada goose jackets and snow boots. If you dared, you could go out without a scarf covering your face, but be prepared for endless dry skin. Coming back after spring break felt like getting pelted in the face with a snowball. All in all,

it was a bad time for all of us.

Nobody deserves to have to endure such treacherous weather conditions. That's why, and I hate to say it, but March in Cuse,

It's over.

It is time for this relationship to end. Unfortunately, we, as a Syracuse student body have moved on. I'm sorry. It isn't us, it's you.

We deserve to be with a month that treats us better, a month that allows for fun spring clothes and light jackets, for Birkenstocks and sunglasses. We want frisbee on the quad and Block Party and Mayfest. We want to tailgate on front porches and frat houses throwing their darties. We want the end of the semester vibes and to have the weather put us in a good mood, and that just wasn't something you were contributing to our relationship. April, on the other hand, has been all of this and more. Waking up to April's 60 and 70-degree weather is just more pleasant than your 30s and 40s. We as a campus, need to look out for our happiness and health.

I'm sorry, but this is how it has to be.

Goodbye March! Thanks for doing us all dirty.

-The Syracuse Student Body

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