Whether you are a published author, a student writing an essay, an employee writing for your job, or someone who just enjoys writing for fun; everyone gets writers block. I have sat staring at a screen for hours on end only ending up backspacing all of the little progress I have made. These are the things I have found to help me when I find myself struggling.

1. Take a break

If you aren't working with a very strict deadline take a break. Taking a breather from what you are working on can help your mind focus and regenerate. After an hour or two, or even a few days if you can, look it over with fresh eyes. I always find myself able to come up with some more sentences, a closing paragraph, or even a couple of new ideas if I am lucky. The more time the better.

2. Switch your focus

This tip goes along with taking a break. If you have some more work to get done: another essay, studying, cleaning, essentially whatever work you need to get done as long as it gets your brain working in a different direction. Do those things instead so when you come back to your previous piece your brain isn't so worn out on the topic.

3. Send it to a friend

Sending your work to a friend can give you a new perspective, even if you don't have anything written yet you can at least tell them what you have to or want to write about. I do this pretty frequently and I have found that if it doesn't give you ideas on how to write about your topic it will at least determine how you don't want to write about your topic. Sometimes knowing what not to write can be just as helpful.

4. Go to the Internet for ideas

The internet is extremely resourceful in helping cure writer's block. Look up papers about your topic to figure out ideas and approaches, just remember not to plagiarize. If you are doing something more creative there are random idea generators for characters, prompts, settings, names, and much more. Just type random 'blank' generator and find the inspiration you need.

5. Get a drink

If you are of age go pour yourself a glass of wine or grab a beer, whatever your tastes happen to be. If you do this I suggest not drinking too much if your essay is what is giving you writer's block. Having a drink can help get some of those creative juices flowing. For those under twenty-one, tea or coffee can help snap you out of it, especially with the added caffeine boost.

6. Go somewhere else

Sometimes your environment is key to a good paper. I personally can't be anywhere messy when writing. If you work best in the library go there, or maybe you work best outside, or maybe your place is the coffee shop. Find out what your niche is and exploit it.

7. Read about how to cure writer's block

You have already completed this last one and hopefully it has given you a few ideas on how to break-out of your writer's block. If not you have the internet at your disposal to find more tips and tricks.

Good luck with all the writing you have now and to come.