Breaking Barriers in Social Media
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Breaking Barriers in Social Media

Social media can take a turn in our lives sometimes...

Breaking Barriers in Social Media

Social media is known for a lot of things. It's known for original content being created and produced, updates on fashion and lifestyle, different blogs being catered towards a different purpose. There is so much done through and on social media, that we often forget about some of the negative things behind the scenes of all that goes on in social media.

When we think of social media, we don't think of the word, "obstacles." Social media has taken its place at some point in most of our lives at a young age and it has been there with us as we made the transition from adolescence to young adulthood. "Obstacles" is the least that can come to mind when we think of the way social media has helped us become the people we are today. When we were having our graduation, our social media account was there to present all that happened during it. When we made our first friend group in high school, social media was there to capture all of that. If it weren't for social media and the things it CAN do, we wouldn't be able to personalize and make these special moments of our lives special.

  • We associate Instagram with being "happy"
  • Instagram has become a place where we can "run away" from our problems
  • We only post our best moments and the things we are proud of on Instagram

But now, it is about time that we realize that there are "barriers" to be broken and that there are still a handful of barriers that "do" exist on social media, as much as in real life. The problem with social media when it comes to barriers, is it becomes so easy to hide away from our internal struggles with social media. The barriers, including everything being online, makes it easier for us to cast away our issues of FOMO or something personal going on.

☆ FOMO isn't meant to last forever, unless we do something about it (outside of social media). We can't always replicate the best moments we have had in our lives, but we can definitely stop FOMO. FOMO or "Fear of Missing Out," is just a matter of how we feel. If we feel left out, we are going to continue feeling that way. But, if we start realizing that the world doesn't revolve around social media, we will realize that it's time for a wake-up call.

☆ Everyone deserves a break from social media. Whether it is for a personal reason or if we just don't want to be on it for a while, we have absolutely all the right to do so. Social media can be an overwhelming place to be in. We are surrounded by a bunch of people trying to prove that they are living a better life than us. We have all the right to feel sick of it and want a break from seeing their posts.

☆ Social media can't be our best friend. As much as we want to share everything that we go through (that is good and positive) with our social media account, doing so is almost impossible. There are so many little perks that we find joy in through each day we spend and to record that onto our social media feed, would be a ridiculously large amount. We don't have an obligation to tell social media "everything." We can keep some things to ourselves and to our close group of people in real life.☺

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