Here I am, back again with another college student struggle that needs to be known. Can we talk about how expensive textbooks are? And for what purpose? To be opened once for a chapter 1 diagram for negative two seconds? I think not. Here's why I stopped buying textbooks from Winthrop's bookstore, Amazon, Chegg, etc.

The books may NOT even be required. You know how our wingspan accounts it tells us what books are "required" and which are "recommended"? My advice is to wait and go to the first class meeting, then decide if you really want to buy that $160 math book. Even though the WU Bookstore price matches (kudos), books still add up to be a pretty penny.

Books for online classes are tricky. This is up to you and how your preferences are. Either you decide to buy the book to be on the safe side or you just use the notes and PowerPoints that most online professors grant you.

For the last two years of my collegiate career, I've been buying my books from my fellow peers.They charge much lower than the $160. Maybe from a student, that book could be $80. It's cheaper and if they had that professor already, they can tell you if you will actually need the book.

I wish someone had told me this was an option before my freshman year and I spent hundreds in the bookstore renting/buying the "required" texts that are used only a handful of times, if that many.

College already breaks our bank and our parents' bank what with tuition, miscellaneous fees i.e computer lab fee, library fee, breathing fee, blinking fee etc, and all of the "necessary" things needed for each individual minor.

Shop carefully! Join your school's Facebook groups and when the semester starts, see what books you need, then ask your peers for them first before you hit the bookstore.