WWE's 2018 installment of Money in the Bank was very impressive, especially with the main event. Eight men, including veteran Kofi Kingston and dark horse Rusev, vied for the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase that guarantees a world championship match at any time up to one year. Over the years, we've seen some fan favorites get their long-awaited push to the main event, but the last couple of years have had some lackluster winners. However, last Sunday's incredible win by Strowman sheds light on WWE's long-term plan for him.


Braun could've been champion by this past January, though.

That is true, Brock Lesnar's devastating reign as Universal Champion has ruined Monday Night Raw's roster and ratings (when he's absent). Strowman's grassroots push from monstrous heel to purebred face in the last year, including his rivalry with Roman Reigns last summer, has made him a viable box-office attraction on Monday nights. By challenging Lesnar at No Mercy and Royal Rumble, fans were almost certain that a new Universal Champion was on the horizon. However, Strowman would lose twice to Lesnar.

With the Money in the Bank briefcase, this gives Strowman a chance to catch Lesnar at his most vulnerable.

Sure, another superstar could've won this briefcase this year (Kofi Kingston got his biggest crowd reaction that night, while Rusev and Kevin Owens were the odds-on favorite to win). However, Strowman's impressive push this last year needs to build his credibility even more so that he can take the title off of Lesnar. Additionally, this would be a great opportunity for WWE to turn Strowman heel again, making him a monstrous champion that could give Lesnar's reign with the title a run for its money.

Overall, Strowman winning the briefcase is the best thing WWE has done in quite some time.

Besides Nakamura winning this year's Royal Rumble, WWE listened to their fans. No Roman Reigns winning the briefcase and really making the Chicago crowd mad that night, and not even a John Cena appearance to hurt the match participants' credibility. WWE put on a great Money in the Bank ladder match that had all of the wrestlers' looking like a million bucks after.

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Tough fall, Kevin. Sorry.