20 March 2019

If You Own 6 Of These 10 Brands, You Are 100 Percent Basic

How basic are you?

Clemson University

For every brand you own, give yourself a point.


2. LuLu Lemon Leggings

3. Birkenstocks

4. Adidas Shoes

5. The North Face Bookbag


6. Patagonia

Patagaonia Jacket


7. Hunter Rainboots

Hunter Rainboots


8. UGG

9. Nike Shorts (NORTS)

10.Yeti Cups

What was your score? Are you truly basic or not? If you are BASIC embrace that, who cares what anyone thinks! If you aren't basic, well then you are clearly embracing your style and thriving! Meanwhile, the rest of us are BASIC as can be and we love it!