Brands Are Preying On Your Love For 90s Nostalgia

While later-born millennials might not have been as immersed in 90's culture as other kids, it still played an important role in every millennial's childhood.

No matter where someone falls in the millennial timeline, we can all remember the cartoons we grew up on.

Seeing reruns late at night warms our hearts and overly-simplified remakes break them.

There's comfort in those shows, and we don't want such important pieces of our childhoods to be touched. We want to remember what we watched and enjoy the nostalgia.

Brands have started to catch on to our surge in nostalgia and are using it as a way to make more cash and play on our feelings.

At this point, it feels impossible to cherish anything from when we were kids since it's all making rounds in trends anyway.

There is absolutely no reason for a company to be making a "Reptar themed eye-shadow pallet."

Sure, Rugrats was an iconic part of every kid's life. Yes, Reptar is a fun memory.

No, I don't need a $50 pallet based on a cartoon dinosaur that was last relevant when I was seven.

Not to mention, that box probably consists of the same colors that brand has always sold, they just switch the names to match the theme.

Forever 21 is more than happy to slap some old Nickelodeon characters on a t-shirt because they know it'll warm someone's heart in just the right way, and the company will make more money.

The truth is, this "nostalgia" trend is growing old.

Seeing a full-color, flawlessly printed '90s cartoon character on a whole rack of t-shirts doesn't make me nostalgic. It doesn't make me think of my childhood. It makes me think of another shirt I saw online two weeks ago that was the exact same.

It's not nostalgia when it's shoved in your face as a Facebook ad every other post.

Brands are trying to make trends out of something that's no longer relevant or has been remade into something completely unlike the original. They don't care about anything but getting money.

I want to remember my childhood as it was. I want someone to mention something, and I suddenly remember that it was a thing.

I don't want to constantly be reminded that, yes, Nickelodeon existed in the '90s because every brand is suddenly releasing a new Nick in the '90s themed item.

I don't need a cheap shirt to remember my childhood.

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