Top Reasons You Should Create Your Branded Messaging App
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create your branded messaging app - Here is Why

Nowadays, messaging apps have become an important Marketing tool. You should create your own messenger if you want to reach out to your customers and establish a closer relationship with them.

create your branded messaging app - Here is Why
Create Your Branded Messaging App

Let's say you are an owner of a small restaurant and you need a food delivery app but you have no programming skills. The is a short way out: go for Zangi White Labeling solution. Zangi provides a business-ready messaging app in a couple of weeks. You can add features like online shopping or have chat groups for your community.

Building your white label messenger with Zangi means spending less money and time to get a quality app for your business. Plus, you avoid the risk of the failure during the development stage.

Here are the top reasons you should create your own messenger

24/7 support

If you have your branded messaging app, your customers can contact you and ask you about anything via direct messages whenever it is convenient for them.


Your customer must know that whatever they share with you or inside the app is encrypted and stays private. Make sure your branded messaging app is secure enough.


When people receive a direct message they are more likely to answer to it or at least pay attention to the content. You can have an instant feedback or conduct surveys via texting.


Use your app to get to know your community, text them to offer discounts or share some news on the app to engage the users.


Why spend money on advertising if you can use your white label messaging app to share your new blog posts or tell about the new product.


Building a white label messaging app is the most cost-effective way to advertise your business and gain more customers over time.


Your customers will feel that their voice matters when they are able to contact you directly and complain about your product or offer some new ideas. If you use this case right, you will have loyal customers that are a walking advertisement for you.

Personal communication

Wouldn't you feel special if you received a direct message from your favorite restaurant instead of a general email? This way, you gain your customers' trust and establish a more emotional connection. But be cautious not to overdo and annoy your customers.

There are a number of reasons to build your branded messaging app from boosting your revenues to creating a link between you and your customers. Don't panic if you think that is a hard thing to do. Basically, you decide what kind of features you need and you contact Zangi to take care of the rest.

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