19 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend's Little Sister is Your New Best Friend

19 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend's Little Sister is Your New Best Friend

You can`t wait until you can call her your sister and ditch the "in-law"

Regan Marie

We all know someone who has a sister or a brother, maybe you do, or you friend, or your boyfriend. It`s important that your boyfriend`s family likes you, however, sometimes you find a new best friend through his family! That's right I'm talking about his little (or older) (brother or) sister! Your boyfriend`s sister will become important in your life pretty fast!

1. She can tell you all the embarrassing stories about your boyfriend

She's known your boyfriend her entire life, so that means she knows a thing or two about him.

2. She will be your moral compass when you don't know what to do

Lost? She`ll know what to do! She knows you and has an outsider view on the situation so she`ll help you do the moral thing.

3. You go to each other for dating advice

She already knows your boyfriend so if you need help you can always go to her! She also sees what`s (hopefully) a healthy relationship, so she`ll trust your judgement.

4. The inside jokes

There`s so many! Especially when you misspell simple words.

5. Want to surprise your boyfriend but need some help? She's got you covered

What`s that? He has an event on his birthday and you want to surprise visit him but don`t know where to go? She`s got you covered.

6. You can rant about anything and she will always understand

If it`s that your boyfriend chews to loud, you`re in a fight, or you need to rant about.. *girl* things, she understands all!

7. All the embarrassing snapchats of your boyfriend!

What better way to get embarrassing photos of your boyfriend from someone who lives with him? Or just someone to talk about all the weird things he does!

8. You enjoy hanging out with her more than your other friends (sorry guys)

It`s true. but those nights were your friends and her are hanging out? You know those nights when it`s New Years and you go sledding at 1 A.M. yeah, those are the best nights. :)

9. You share a special bond

You`ll connect with her so well! She will truly be your best friend that just instantly understands!

10. Need to jam to musicals with someone? She's got you covered!

Hamilton, Newsies, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked and so many more!

11. You know more people because of her

Your boyfriend might not be the most social person, but his little sister will be! That snapchat score will drastically go up.

12. Something comes up and your boyfriend can't go anymore? She will!

Plus as a bonus, you can shop! Again, she lives with him, so if something comes up she can certainly cover for him!

13. If the relationship doesn't work out, you're still friends!

The break up was rough and you`re no longer talking to him, but at least you gained a new friend from the relationship.

14. You'll be with her for her first heartbreak and she knows she won't be alone ever

You`re older than her so chances are you have gone through a break up before. So when she starts dating and gets her heart broken, you`ll be there with chocolate and tissues. Meanwhile, your boyfriend will be there with a shot gun and a blood hound.

15. She'll teach you how to balance priorities

So many websites and books say don`t leave your friends just because you have a boyfriend. She will help with this greatly! You`ll find yourself going to your boyfriend`s house just because she`s there!

16. You'll sometimes want to hang out with her over your boyfriend #SorryNotSorry

And when you go over to your boyfriend`s house because she`s there, you`re secretly going to want your boyfriend to be elsewhere.

17. She'll be your best friend

This one is pretty self-explanatory

18. You can't wait until you can call her your real sister and ditch the "in-law"

"Sister-in-law" and "sister" means the same thing right?

19. She'll be the little sister you never had!

This also applies to your boyfriend`s younger brother. Subscribe to Bedrock Warrior on Youtube!

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