My boyfriend has another girlfriend.

We know about each other and love to argue about who he cares for more. His other girlfriend satisfies him in ways I can't. They play video games together, talk wrestling and nerd out on things I have no interest in learning.

As much as I would love to have my boy for myself, I know it's better to share.

There's plenty of him to go around.

The Boytoy makes time for both of us, scheduling dates around each significant other's work schedule. He checks in on both of us to make sure neither feels neglected.

Of course, sometimes I wish he wouldn't stay up late talking with the other one. He and I live together so it's understandable.

Sometimes the other one and I argue. I may turn off the computer when they're talking or throw a fit to get more attention but who wouldn't? Maybe I would feel different about sharing him if the other one lived closer but since the other relationship is long distance, it's like they don't exist!

I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

He told me he had other girlfriends and I laughed at the thought. I hoped he was joking at first, but as he stayed straight faced I came to realize that he wasn't kidding. I would have to share if I wanted an opportunity with the man of my dreams.

Now, this all sounds crazy, right?

How can someone be the man of my dreams but have another significant other? How insane must I be to be willing to share my person with someone else? Well, honey, you're sharing yours too.

My boyfriend is dating his best friend.

The person I share my man with, the one who makes me jealous is really his best friend. His best friend lives on the other side of the country and works as a doctor, creating a crazy schedule.

We all laugh at the fact that he is like another significant other.

Let's be real, a best friend is really another relationship that is just as serious as the relationship with your significant other. Anyone who is dating someone knows what it's like to make time for their own best friend. Plus, polygamous relationships are only frowned upon because of society.