He has that smile, you know? The ones who lure girls into his arms. And that laughter, god, you hate the laughter. And where does that weekend six-pack even go? The guy has no gut. God. I hate him. Him and his never-ending workouts. And his Tinder photos. Like, sure dude, your dog is cute and all but let's be realistic it is just there for babe magnet and is most likely your roommate's dog that you have probably never walked.

He invites your girlfriend every weekend to the parties you can't go to. He smiles at her and asks her about her major. And he gives her a world that you can't bring to her. You don't know what goes on behind those frat doors. You don't know what smooth pick up line he is using. She is smart, you think to yourself, she isn't going to fall for that. But, how can she not? How can she not want a guy who will give her free alcohol, invite her to exclusive parties and shower her in champagne?

Hey, boy, as a girl who regularly attends frat parties over here. You have nothing to worry about. Chances are your girlfriend is being loyal and just smiling as she thinks to herself, "Okay, you really smell like a mixture of juul and cheap beer can you find another non-interested girl to flirt with?" Boyfriends of the world, you don't need to worry about your average frat boys who are flirting with your girlfriends. They are 21st-century girls, they can spot a f*ckboy from miles away.

What you need to be worrying about is the boy who texts her good morning.

No, her receiving a good morning text is not cheating. But, if you aren't the boy sending her that good morning text message you better straighten up and listen up quickly. Cause, us girls can spot a f*ckboy, we can also spot a guy who doesn't deserve us anymore. And you don't want to fall into that category.

It is easy to fall into a routine in relationships. To let day after day pass without a second thought. So, what, you been with your girlfriend for a year, maybe two by now. It is not like you are bored of her but that honeymoon phase is done. Maybe you have already gone through all those couple stages. The endless conversations into the darkness of the night. All the firsts. The world traveling. And maybe you are ready to just retire the honeymoon stage and retreat back to your Xbox as your girl is in the other world doing who knows what.

Boy. Stop and bring back the romance. We aren't asking for a parade of flowers. We are asking that you realize what you have in front of you and how easy it is to lose us. It's nice being in a stable long-term relationship, however when that spark turns more into a motor running every 12 hours and is just part of the routine, then where is the fun in that? When does the intimate relationship turn from love into friendship and friendship into two people who are just used to be around in each other? Then the spark is just gone, vanished and there is nothing special between you two.

Yes, the past was beautiful. But as much as awwing over memories is, nothing is quite like living with them and making them. Everyone loves the start of relationships, but now that you are passed that you need to make sure you are holding the attention of your sweetheart. A relationship requires maintenance. It requires work. You can't put in your 10 minutes twice a week and call it quits. You need to be there, engaged in your relationship.

There will be a boy someday, a boy that is just a friend. He isn't good looking in your opinion. Sure, they text about class and what's going on in her life. He knows about you. And he respects that. But, if he is sending her that good morning message and you aren't. Then you are in for trouble. He is not trying to steal her away. He is being a gentleman. He is communicating with her. Asking her how her day was. And your girlfriend is going to start realizing that you aren't putting in the effort. And if a guy, who she just sees a friend, can put more effort in than you are, maybe then being with you is not the right choice.

She is not looking to cheat on you. She knows when a guy is just another f*ckboy. But she also knows when she is no longer cared about and wanted. And she knows that she deserves better, even though she loves you.

Send her that good morning text in the morning. You don't need to bring her flowers every day, but you need to let her know that she is special and for goodness sacs, go out on a date with her instead of Xbox one of these Friday nights.