Winter break in college is a weird thing. We just got done with finals and we are left with an empty feeling. We are sent home with no homework to do and nothing to study for. That means for the next 3 weeks we have to find something to occupy our time. Here are some really random things to do for people who have no idea what to do.

1. Learn ASL.

Around 2 million people in the U.S. rely on American Sign Language as their main form of communication. There are so many websites out there where you can learn ASL for free, so there's really no reason to not learn it. Take some time this break to learn some basic sign language like the alphabet and basic sayings.

2. Make a reading list (and stick to it).

College is so full of mandatory reading for class that you tend to forget how fun reading can be. Make a list of some books you want to read. it doesn't have to be all classics or all those books that people tell you you have to read. Just read what you want to read.

3. Make a dent in your Netflix list.

Chances are you haven't had time to watch a lot of Netflix, so take this time off to catch up. Finishing binging those shows you started, watch some of those movies, find something new.

4. Volunteer somewhere or donate something.

The holidays are a time when donations and volunteers are really needed. Take some time to look around and see where help is needed. If you don't have the time to donate your time, try going through your closet and finding some old clothes you don't want or need anymore. Not only will you be helping out people in the community, but you'll also be making room for all the new clothes you'll get this Christmas.

5. Try a new recipe.

Chances are you've been living in a dorm for the past 4 months and the most cooking you've done is boiling ramen in the microwave at two in the morning. Take to the internet and look up some fun recipes to try out.

6. Caffeine detox.

The past month has been super busy and has more than likely been packed with more caffeine than it should have been. Take this break to cut back on caffeine a little and let your body recover.

7. Journal.

If this was your first semester away from home, you may have noticed that you have changed a lot. Take some time to write this break and reflect on how you've changed this past semester and how you want to change next semester.

8. See what changed.

If you go to school out of state or far away from home and haven't been home in a while, take some time and see how things have changed. See if there are any new restaurants or any new things to do.

9. Learn to sew or embroider.

Sewing is a very valuable skill, and it will help save money for the broke college kid because, instead of having to buy new clothes everytime something rips, you can just fix it yourself. If you already know how to sew, try learning how to embroider something. Take a trip down to a thrift store and find a pair of jeans or a nice jacket and try embroidering something simple on it.

This break is a time to take a break and relax, but if you find yourself getting restless, take the time to do something.