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5 Book Series You Needed To Have Read Yesterday Because They Are Just That Good

You won't regret dropping everything to read these books.

5 Book Series You Needed To Have Read Yesterday Because They Are Just That Good

Discovering a fantastic new literary world to dive into is one of the most exciting things a person to experience. What is better than falling in love with new characters, in a daring new environment, confronting a set on scenarios we never could have imagined possible?

I have read many great book series in my life so far, and it was really hard to come up with a comprehensive list of the best. But at last, I have compiled what I believe is the most solid list of book series in which everyone of all ages should read! A little dystopian, a little horror, and a little science fiction, all coming together to make the most profound positive difference in your lives.

So curl up with your blankets and mugs, and get ready to dive into your new favorite books!

1. The City of Ember Series

This post-apocalyptic science fiction series has a lot to offer to readers. Jeanne DuPrau is brilliant in crafting a world that is a believable mix of not-too-far-off scientific ventures and insightful internality. Based on the visions of impending worldwide disaster from a Prophet, a group of people goes into an underground community that is able to sustain them for around 200 years. Fast forward a bit, and 241 years later and the cities infrastructure is starting to fail. We get to know the two main characters, Lina Mayfleet, and Doon Harrow, and join them on their quest to save their city and their people.

2. The Testing Trilogy

Those who adore The Hunger Games and Divergent Trilogy will absolutely fall in love with this book! Set in a post-apocalyptic world, human civilization is working to rebuild the world and determined not to make the mistakes of the past. To do this, students are carefully selected to participate in the Testing -- which will guarantee their admittance into getting a college education and lucrative career. Hardly anything is known about the Testing to the outside world, so when Cia is chosen to partake in the Testing she is unsure of what to expect. The only thing that Cia (and we the readers) are left with before she leaves are the words of her father: "trust no one."

3. The Dark Tower Series

Dark fantasy lovers, this one is for you! The Dark Tower Series by Stephan King is perhaps one of his most dynamic works, and the books do a lot in linking the entire multiverse of King together, making references to It, Salem's Lot, The Stand, Hearts in Atlantis, and many more! The thing that makes this series so intriguing is its incorporation of familiar Stephan King concepts and characters that all come together into a twisted and macabre story! Following the rough-and-tumble Gunslinger, you are sure to really lose yourself in this mashup of horror, Western, and science fiction.

4. The Unwind Dystology

As hot of a topic abortion is, can you imagine if the United States went to war over it? That is the world of the Unwind Dystology, and the compromise is terrifying. Instead of allowing abortion, the nation signs legislation that allows parents to sign an order for their children between the ages of 13 and 18 to be unwound, or taken to "harvest camps" and having their body parts harvested for later use. In this twisted sort of reasoning, the child can live on in a "divided state."

5. The Gone Series

A true gem when it comes to young adult science fiction, this was one of the first series I fell in love with when I was a high schooler. The first book start off in a small town in California when suddenly in the blink of an eye all people over the age of 15 disappear, and an opalescent dome surrounds the town and surrounding area, leaving the teens inside abandoned and cut off from the rest of the world. To make matters even more complicated and dangerous, some of the kids start changing and displaying extraordinary supernatural powers such as telekinesis, fire manipulation, invisibility, and so many more. As the book goes on readers begin to sense that there is a dark, even malevolent, force behind the entire phenomenon.

You can not go wrong in choosing to read any of these book series, it all depends on what your personal reading preferences are. Regardless, I hope that you can find enjoyment in at least one (if not all) of the recommendations! Happy reading!

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