Over the summer, many students embark on adventures. Some travel, some work, some go to school, and others have internships. Summers are a time when many couples take a break an experience the dreaded long distance relationship while on travels, goes to school, etc. Sometimes couples experience "summer separation."

Here's why that's alright: you have your friends to lean on! Even though you and your significant other can't be together right now, use this time to strengthen your bond with your best friends! After all, many friendships suffer due to relationships. You have less time, less money, and sometimes, frankly, less of a desire. You're occupied! You owe them this time.

Need some ideas of ways to bond? Let's start with:

1. Go to the gym

After all, you want to look in-shape and healthy as possible when your significant other returns. Use your free time to take up group fitness or spend an hour venting on the treadmill. You've probably been meaning to work out anyway, so here's your chance!

2. Learn to cook new recipes

Impress not only your friends and your significant other when they return, but impress yourself! Think of ways to expand your mental cookbook and learn how to make your favorite seasonal dishes. You're probably tired of canned soup and pizza at this point, so freshen it up! You and your friend can cook together and reward yourselves with the fruit of your labors. Pro tip: desserts are especially fun!

3. Take random road trips

Have you and your BFF always wanted to take a road trip, but didn't have the time? Plan a trip to a fun destination close by! Grab the road snacks, get the playlist rolling, and say "hello!" to summer adventure.

4. Do out-of-the-ordinary, nonsensical things

friends halloween GIF

Jump out of the pool and go to McDonald's in your towels. It's fine. This is what college is about: having fun.

5. Spend quality time together

best friends friendship GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

Re-assure your bestie that even though you're in a relationship, they'll always be your number one. After all, they were there long before, and they'll be there long after.