I am all here for body positivity. Everyone should feel like their body is OK. But not every body is "beautiful." Stretch marks aren't "beautiful." Acne isn't "beautiful." Scars aren't "beautiful."

But they don't need to be.

Beauty isn't the standard to what can and can't be accepted and that's OK.

Stretch marks, acne, and scars aren't beautiful, but they're human. They're normal, everyone has them. But I don't have to be beautiful all of the time. I shouldn't have to find my scars beautiful to accept them and be okay with them. I shouldn't have to always be beautiful to be accepted as a person.

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Beauty doesn't and shouldn't define how a person thinks of themselves and others. Beauty isn't the end all be all to who gets to be treated as a person with respect. Feel fierce, feel strong, feel happy about your scars, but beauty isn't something you should have to feel.

I have facial scars, scars all over my body, bags under my eyes, acne, and stretch marks that I don't think they're beautiful. I don't think I'm beautiful for having them or not having them. I accept myself as I am because I know that no matter my appearance, I'm a wonderful person and a hard worker. Beauty isn't everything. Beauty is lazy.

Your stretch marks might be a sign you changed to a weight you feel better in, or your scars may show that you survived something. Don't limit yourself to beauty. Your stretch marks are signs of dedication. Your scars show you're strong. They don't have to limit you to beautiful.