If you have seen every episode of Bob's Burgers like myself, you've experienced the humorous Belcher family being the Belcher family. I don't really know how else to describe the show, like I've been trying to think about a description, it is tough to put into words. The show is a riot. If you know you know. Anyway. Here are episodes that relate to some common New Years resolutions.

1. For Family-Oriented Resolutions: S1E6 Sheesh! Cab, Bob? 

Bob picks up a second job, despite the long hours and late nights, to make some extra money so his daughter, Tina, can have a great birthday.

2. For Goal-Driven Resolutions: S2E4 BurgerBoss 

Bob goes as far as getting wrist braces to break the high score on the video game where his nemesis, Jimmy Pesto, holds first place.

3. For Fitness Resolutions: S5E3 Friends with Burger-Fits

Bob feels bad because he sells burgers, so he and Teddy team up to get in shape and improve Teddy's health at an extreme stunt man boot camp.

4. For Self-Care Resolutions: S8E7 V for Valentine-detta

After Tina is dumped by Jimmy Jr. the ladies hit the town in a classy limo to boost her spirits on the love-filled holiday.

5. For "Try Something New" Resolutions: S1E5 Hamburger Dinner Theater 

Things go awry when Bob is convinced by Linda to turn the restaurant into a dinner musical theater.

6. For "Moving On" Resolutions: S6E9 Sacred Couch 

Linda's heart is in pieces when the family needs to get rid of their busted couch and get something new.

7. For "Breaking old habits" Resolutions: S8E5 Thanks-Hoarding! 

Teddy's family decides last minute to come and he runs to Bob and Linda to help pull it off. Except his house is like an episode of Hoarders.

8. For Travelling Resolutions: S4E1 A River Runs Through Bob

The Belcher family does something they don't typically do- they head into the woods for a great weekend of camping, nature, and wildlife.

9. For Friendship Resolutions: S6E13 Wag the Hog

Bob is a good friend and takes care of some business for his pal, Critter, who is currently in jail.