Spring Semester in a Gif

One of my go-to TV shows has always been Bob's Burgers. Aside from being one of the funniest adult cartoons of all time, Bob's Burgers gives us the best GIFs. So, naturally, I compiled the best ones to explain how your spring semester is going.

Self Love


The motivation you say to yourself each morning to get through the day.

Syllabus Week


When your professor goes through every. Single. Detail. of the syllabus, even though it's been up for a week and you have already read through it.

Night Out


When you go out and ROCK the new clothes your mom bought you over break.

It's Wine Time


When you're half way through the semester, everyone is half-dead... but you can finally have wine nights with your friends.

Spring Break


Spring break finally hits so you can take a vacation and pretend like you're not drowning in deadlines back at school.

Post Spring Break


You're back from spring break and everything is somehow worse and you're even further behind than you thought you were.

The Week Before Finals


You're drowning in research papers, study guides, and finals projects... and then the campus coffee shop tells you that they're all out of your favorite drink.

Finals Week


Finals week has arrived, and everyone around you is watching you slowly fall apart. You're a complete mess.



It's finally summer and you feel so relieved to be done with classes and head home. Until about two weeks in, that's when the sadness hits and you just want to be back at school.

Now that you've procrastinated long enough to read this article, it's time to get back to your school work. Or go watch Bob's Burgers and have a glass of wine (I won't tell).

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