Which Bob's Burgers character are you?

If Zodiac Signs Were Characters From 'Bob's Burgers'

"I've eaten nine birthday cakes, and I still feel empty." - Gene


In a Universe where a show like Bob's Burgers exists, where does your astrological sign fall on the spectrum?

1. Aquarius - Bob Belcher.

January 20 - February 18

Whether it be the burger of the day or a whimsical idea, just like Bob himself, you are creative by nature. You tend to withhold your emotional side rather than being an open book and only a select few are lucky enough to know the real you. But for the few lucky ones to know the real you, they know the crazier, passionate, and Intelectual being you are.

2. Pisces - Jimmy Jr.

February 19 - March 20

Your artistic talent cannot be hidden! Just like Jimmy Jr., you feel a different kind of energy and passion especially when it comes to the thing you love most. You always try the best you can and continue to exuberate positive energy around your loved ones. You're completely understanding otherwise and tend to forgive more than you should.

3. Aries - Gene Belcher.

March 21 - April 19

You are quite the dynamic character. Your presence in a room can light up the moment like Gene's comments. Although your personality can be overwhelming to some at times, you own it! Sometimes you act without thinking and create situations for yourselves but you always manage to pull through with a positive force,

4. Taurus - Tammy Larsen.

April 20 - May 20

You are an individual who excels in an environment surrounded by love and appreciation. Like Tammy, people tend to perceive you as something you're not but deep down you are a kind soul when you want to be. When it comes to something you want and are passionate about, you are determined to get it for you enjoy the finer things in life.

5. Gemini - Andy and Ollie Pesto.

May 21 - June 20

Like Andy and Ollie, you express two different personalities. Although they may intertwine at some points, you are typically a social being with a great sense of humor but also possess a serious side as well. To others, they may never know the real you and you like to keep it that way.

6. Cancer - Teddy.

June 21 - July 22

Everything you do is in the power of your emotions. Like Teddy and his love for Bob's Burgers or his short-lived idea to win Denise, his ex-wife, back, you care deeply about the things and loved ones you hold close. Although you can be quite selfish sometimes, you try to avoid conflict at all costs and make sure your loved ones are happy.

7. Leo - Linda Belcher.

July 23 - August 22

You are a natural born leader and although things might seem rough at times, just like Linda, your self-confidence leads you through. You're always trying to have a grand 'ole time with your loved ones and express an abundance of loyalty for those who have stuck by your side as you are consistently trying to grow.

8. Virgo - Gayle.

August 23 – September 22

Like Gayle, your personality can be misunderstood at times. You are a meticulous, deep individual who analyzes their surroundings and situations to select the best options. Although others may view you as standoffish or too critical, those who know you know that you just want the best for your loved ones and posses the utmost loving and fun ideas when given the chance.

9. Libra - Louise Belcher.

September 23 - October 22

You stay true to who you are as an individual and have a good head on your shoulders. Just like Louise, loyalty among your loved ones is very important to you; especially when you get into shenanigans. You like to seek justice for what's right while keeping the balance among one another.

10. Scorpio - Tina Belcher.

October 23 - November 21

You are a very passionate person and live to experience everything through the emotions you feel. Like Tina, you are determined to find the truth within the lies told to you or what thing may not appear to be, express your feelings with a force of power, and are always aware of your surroundings and what it may hold for you.

11. Sagittarius - Zeke.

November 22 - December 21

Like Zeke, you are open-minded and are motivated to learn and try new things in life. You can be the life of the party and never fail to reflect on your decisions made in the end. Whether the choices you made were good or bad, you take it as a learning experience and grow from it.

12. Capricorn - Calvin Fischoeder.

December 22 - January 19

You are typically an individual who enjoys their independence and free thoughts. Like Mr. Fischoeder, you possess the ability to carry yourself a certain way through self-control, time management, and self-love for one's self. You tend to appear more on the serious side which often intimidates others but truthfully you have an inner eccentric side as well who is willing to try everything at least once.

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I'm Begging You, If You're Going To Watch One TV Show, Please Watch 'One Tree Hill'

"What's more important? What we become or how we become it?" I'm not totally sure, but I attribute both to One Tree Hill.


Many people are shaped by something that happened to them. Perhaps they were shaped by their family, or the situation they grew up in. I can attest to many different situations and aspects of my life shaping me into the person I am today, however, I never thought I would say a TV show helped change my life and became part of what made me who I am today.

One Tree Hill, created by Mark Schwan, was a long-running series about two brothers who start out as rivals when the pauper-type brother joins the school's basketball team. Eventually, the brothers hash it out to become friends and this show follows them, and all of their friends, through their town of Tree Hill, North Carolina, while they endure heartbreak, loss, success, real-life problems, and ups & downs of all sorts.

A lot of people in the past have questioned my love for the show, saying my constant viewing and the fact that I have seen the lengthy nine-season show probably more than eleven times through is obsessive, however, I say it is therapeutic. Don't let the length of the series scare you, it is worth every minute.

At the end of season nine, which only has 13 episodes, you'll probably be sobbing that it's over and begging for more. The fact that the creative genius behind the scenes and the cast really created something special that made people want to watch for nine seasons is incredible. 2003-2012 was a magical time where One Tree Hill aired on TV and it was a time many of us wish we could get back.

I'm sure so many people would love to know why us "One Tree Hill" fans are just so connected to the show and the reason being is that the characters are the most relatable characters. They experience real-life events (with TV magic twists of course). One particular episode actually sticks out to me to this day.

Season four episode 13, "Pictures of You." This episode has the students come into class a few weeks shy of graduation when the teacher gives them an assignment: they can go anywhere they want throughout the school and take a picture of their partner (the teacher gave them digital cameras to use) that shows their true self. They had to pick their partners out of a classmate's hat and they all took incredible pictures of each other after a day of self reflection. Some of the pictures were definitely a little risqué for the modern high school, however, it gave us this iconic Brooke Davis moment that reminded us that "what's under the clothes" matters and that we shouldn't label people based on anything:

From this to school shooting awareness, conversations about losing a family member, strained/abusive familial relationships, narcotics and alcohol abuse, and having to grow up faster than a kid should, "One Tree Hill" hits all the marks on a relatable teen show. I fell in love with the show for this. I feel as if everyone should divulge into the greatness "One Tree Hill" has to offer because it is just so important to see the messages the series portrays. The show also has humor, action, romance, and so much more you just cannot ever get enough of. So, I highly recommend "One Tree Hill" as your next binge, rewatch, or just as your go-to, feel-good show.

"One Tree Hill" is no longer running on the CW Network and was taken off of Netflix (petition to put OTH back on Netflix anyone?), but thank goodness Hulu answered our prayers and added the spectacular series to their streaming service. I have to give my best friend, Meaghan, a shoutout for giving me her Hulu password the day "One Tree Hill" was added to Hulu.

So, if you've ever wanted to start "One Tree Hill," this is your sign. Get on Hulu, give it a go, and thank me later when you fall in love with Luke, Nathan, Brooke, Hayley, and Peyton.

And as always, Go Ravens!

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Stand-Up Comedy Can Make The Most Stressful Days Way Easier

If you're stressed to the max, I highly recommend giving stand-up comedy specials a try!


Have you ever been laying in bed after a long and stressful day, scrolling through Netflix, trying to find something to watch? You can't make a decision on something, so you decide to try something new. Now, this could be a big mistake or you could find something amazing. This happened to me a few weeks ago and somehow I ended up in the stand-up comedy section. I have seen a couple of clips of Gabriel Iglesias, or "Fluffy," on YouTube in the past, but I've never watched a stand-up comedy special on Netflix before. It never was appealing to me and I don't know many people that watch stand-up.

After deciding to watch Gabriel Iglesias' new Netflix special, I was intrigued. Then, my friend told me that I had to watch Bert Kreischer's new Netflix special. He promised that I would find it funny and that he was really good. He added that Bert does all of his performances shirtless and it makes it that much funnier. So, I watched it and I've been hooked to stand-up ever since. Now, I've become a fan of the many classic stand-up comedians that many people know and love like Kevin Hart, Ellen Degeneres, and Iliza Shlesinger as well. It quickly became something I couldn't get enough of, especially after a stressful day. I figured out that even after the most trying day and even when I was extremely stressed or drowning in homework, I forgot about all of that. I got an hour to myself to just take a breath, have a good laugh, and forget about all of my problems.

A lot of times, I use the hour to eat some food while I watch the special or just lay in bed for a little while and enjoy forgetting about all of the things I could be doing. I've also learned some things. Like the fact that Ellen got her start by doing stand-up, or that Fluffy is coming to Columbus this summer to do a show. I also learned that even though these people are celebrities and have thousands of followers and fans, they're very relatable and more like me than I realized. We sometimes forget that they are people too.

I highly recommend taking an hour out of your day to see if stand-up comedy could be a stress reliever for you. This is definitely a topic that many people don't think of when it comes to relieving stress or getting into a better mood. I'm glad I stumbled across this new found stress reliever to be able to try something different and new and to enjoy a good laugh while doing so. If you're down in the dumps or having a hard day, try watching stand-up. I promise it'll make your day better.

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