Top 5 Blockchain Solutions For Charity and Social Impact

Blockchain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin has proved its true potential by furthering causes that would have a positive social impact on people.

When we talk about charity and social impact, blockchain has been the core of many such startups that are working to make a real difference in society.

The society today is plagued with innumerable problems ranging right from poverty to crime to corruption and many more. In the past, we have seen that new technology can always create ripples and scare offenders.

Blockchain technology has made elections more transparent, it has helped fight the counterfeiting market, and time and again it has helped improve supply chain management.

With the emergence of blockchain technology, there is a real chance now to make an actual difference and engineer tech-driven solutions to counter the problems that we face as a society.

On that note, let's take a look at the top blockchain solutions in the form of startups, for charity and social impact.

Charity and Social Impact: The Top 5 Blockchain Startups


  1. Amply is a great project that uses blockchain technology to make a difference. It is a digital identity protocol that provides every child with their own self-sovereign digital identity based on the blockchain.
  2. This ensures that the children have a valid identity and are eligible for various benefits and services provided by the state. The pilot of the system is currently being used in South Africa to register children for a government-funded pre-school subsidy.

Clean water

  1. Clean Water coin can allow a community to participate in providing clean drinking water to people. It helps a charity organization called to supply clean water to the people who have no access to it. The venture has promised 100% donations, which means that they are not keeping back any money for themselves. The community can monitor their own use of the coins.


  1. Alice is a perfect example of blockchain technology being used to further social impact. It is a social tech startup that will allow benefactors to actually see the impact their donation is making in a charity.
  2. It is based in London and is currently running the first pilot at St Mungo's homeless charity. The way it works is that it freezes donations until the charities are able to prove that they've achieved their donation goals.
  3. This platform will enable more people to trust charities since the entire process will be transparent.

Plastic Bank

  1. Plastic Bank uses blockchain technology to offer a secure and transparent way to monetize ocean-bound plastic. It has a dual mission of protecting the environment from plastic and banking the unbanked in some of the poorest regions in the world.
  2. The Plastic Bank has built recycling infrastructure in underdeveloped regions such as Haiti. The collection centers there provide steady jobs to local entrepreneurs and helps them make a living that is much more decent than what their region has to offer.

Blockchain For Social Impact Coalition

  1. An initiative of ConsenSys, Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) is a group that incubates, develops, and implements blockchain products and solutions, that can potentially solve environmental challenges across the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. The coalition is working hard to break down barriers between NGOs, government agencies, philanthropists, developers, and investors.
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