I'm sure most of us know the pop-punk band Blink-182 as the band behind the songs “All The Small Things” and “what’s my age again” from their 1999 album “Enema Of The State”. On July 1st, 2016 they released a brand new, full length album titled “California” Charting No. 6 on the iTunes charts with 16 songs, three singles, all 42 minutes long. For the generation of '90s kids this is something iconic, at least for people who remember the song “All The Small Things” from their childhood. It consists of guitar-filled pop punk songs with the comical lyrics we could all sing along to. If you like anything rock based, you’ll love this album.

One of the three singles released is titled “No Future” that is an upbeat song that I could see people blasting on the radio on hot summer days, it just gives you that sort of “rock out” vibe to it. With a consistent riff and catchy lyrics talking about music taking over their lives and how “they don't care about you”. From my understanding and interpretation this song is mainly about the music business being cutthroat therefore “they don't care about you” and that once you’re indulged with it the music ‘seals your fate’. They go on to talk about what I believe to be about losing someone probably a significant other when referring to “she” and asking where she went. The lyrics are both catchy and deep at the same time which is something a lot of people can appreciate because it catches your attention and might even make you think a little bit.

Following that single is a song called “Rabbit Hole” which is a very edgy song with explicit language talking about refusing to let himself be consumed by his own thoughts saying he won't fall down the “Rabbit Hole”. It has a lot of guitar and a very focused punk/rock sound paired with vocals that lean towards pop. The vulgarity in this song is something that blink fans are often fond of because it gives it that rebellious vibe that makes the band who they are. This song’s lyrics have such a simplicity that it gives a strong and direct message about how the writer is feeling while creating a catchy chorus. It highlights the line “I won't fall down this f*cking rabbit hole” over and over in the chorus making the overall point of the song very clear.

The last single is a little more light hearted than the two with a lighter guitar line and and overall happier tone than the song “Rabbit Hole”, it's called “Bored To Death”. This song is still upbeat and catchy- as most singles usually are because that's why they’re singles. The lyric that stands out to me in this one is “life is too short to last long” talking about living in the moment, and how fast life goes by. This is a very relatable song because a lot of people can relate to life just flying by and feeling like they’re fading, which is the main point he really makes in this song. This song is one of the bigger songs of the album, rightfully so since it is a perfect representation of what you can expect throughout the album "California"!