'Black Panther' Is Just What White America Needs

'Black Panther' Is Just What White America Needs

"Black Panther" is not only a revelation, but a reminder of what we have been missing.

The "Black Panther" movie was long-awaited, with people dressing up and waiting in long lines like they do for many Marvel movies.

But "Black Panther" portrays a pivotal role for Black America. Superhero movies generally have a pretty big explosion at the box office and are often looked up to by many children.

That makes "Black Panther" EVEN MORE exciting — not only is the superhero black, but the movie celebrates his blackness.

African culture is often shunned, hidden away and not celebrated in America, mostly because most Africans were not brought here willingly and never got to know their own culture. It was stripped away from their family generations ago.

They didn’t have a culture. They were taught to be property.

Fast-forward to today, and that culture is still lost on our population.

For white America, culture is much harder to define. There is nothing that really represents “whiteness." We don’t wear special headdresses or have tribal rituals. We’re just here, joking about girls with Starbucks cups and UGG boots.

"Black Panther" also hits so many points that are both heartwarming and just f****** awesome!

For example, T’Challa’s right hand is a WOMAN. That’s right, a woman!

That is a pretty exciting thing for feminism! The movie shows that women are not only beautiful but strong, powerful and trustworthy, too.

Furthermore, T’Challa’s kid sister, Shuri, is a genius who handles all of the technological advances in Wakanda. I’m impressed! Shuri is nearly single-handedly moving their country forward.

It is also important to take note the relationship T'Challa has with Nakia. She repeatedly stands her ground for what she wants and he never tries to quiet her. He allows her the room for her own ideas and dreams and only tries to find a way to be with her, without taking those things away.

So, women can be smart and strong and advance themselves and an entire country – without a man. ONE MORE TIME FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!

Not only does the movie celebrate women, but it puts a heavy emphasis on family.

It is about taking care of one another, something that is a strong component of African culture. Your family is your family.

T’Challa continually hit on this point throughout the movie, feeling disheartened that his father abandoned his cousin, Erik, knowing things might have gone differently had they brought him home with them.

White culture is quicker to separate and become independent, while in black culture, taking care of one another is just a given. It’s what you do. You stick together.

The movie allows black people to be more excited about their blackness.

Unfortunately, being black in America does not bring out the pride that it should. White culture has disseminated so many groups and cultures and stripped people of their identities.

"Black Panther" gives people something to look up to and feel excited about. It brings out a pride that has been hidden away from so many people.

African culture has so many amazing elements and traditions that are so neat to see. The movie highlighted this beautifully, and I truly wish we could see that more in America.

Finally, CIA agent Everett Ross had one of the most vital positions in the movie overall. Agent Ross teaches us what it means to be an ally. He is not a necessary character, or even really a hero. Instead, he symbolizes what our job should be as white people during the "Black Lives Matter" movement. He listens.

He doesn't defensively cry out about "white lives." He follows the direction of powerful black women and never once lets his ego get in the way of things. In most movies, white allies come off as sympathetic and heroic when what we need is for them to know when to fall back and let someone else take the lead.

"Black Panther" is huge for white America. It’s an eye-opening look at African culture and everything it is, can and should be. It should be celebrated.

"Black Panther" is not only a revelation but a reminder of what we have been missing.

Wakanda Forever!

Cover Image Credit: Marvel Studios

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