5 Things To Look Out For In The New Episode of Black Mirror
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If You're A 'Black Mirror' Fan, Here's 5 Things You Need To Know For The New Special

Move over "Bird Box" — "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" is the new it now.

If You're A 'Black Mirror' Fan, Here's 5 Things You Need To Know For The New Special

Netflix has graced our screens by producing not one, but two great originals. Although "Bird Box" was one for the books, the new Black Mirror special, "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" has definitely not only out-did Bullock's flick, but it paved ways for more advanced technology, as well as create new ideas about the world we live in.

To peak your interest in both the show and this new special, here are 5 things you should know while you ponder your decision:

It has an interactive storytelling twist


If you're used to the usual "Black Mirror" series, then you know this is not only new for the show, but new for Netflix in general. This interactive movie allows viewers to decide the fate of the main character, Stefon with the "choose your own adventure" format. The episode gives tutorial of how to do so, however it is as simple as clicking the response you wish to take on the screen. Then, Stefon will accept your response, and you will see the repercussions of your own thought. You are given 10 seconds to choose your response, and if you do not complete it, the answer will be chose for you. Without giving too much away, if the response you chose was wrong, then you have the choice to re-do it later on.

It is beyond epic.

Keep an eye out for Easter eggs


Super fan of the show? Then you need to keep a serious eye out for some Easter eggs. "Bandersnatch" gives Easter eggs and symbolism from other episodes from the series. For instance, some of the video games featured in the show are titles of episodes, such as "Nose Dive" and "Metalhead".

These little gems definitely make you want to rewatch all four seasons!

It's set in the 80's


This isn't a big deal, but it is interesting due to "Black Mirror" being about the dystopian future. In "Bandersnatch", the setting takes place back in the 80's, where technology isn't advanced at all. Video games and TV's look vintage and wore down, however I believe it makes the message the episode is trying to send a little more clear.

The message behind the episode is special


Without giving away any unwanted spoilers, this episode gives a message that our society should consider — know people are watching us, and our government controls our every move.

There are 5 different possible endings 


According to Netflix, there are 5 possible main endings, with different variants of each. Having seen all 5 with different variants, it does take a bit longer to finish the movie. If you're willing to go through each different storyline to each correct ending, it is beyond worth it! However, if you just want to get the jist of it, then one solid ending is all you need!

Now, go make your power moves for Stefon, and witness the first adult interactive storytelling of "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch".

Trust me, it's so worth it.

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