We all know that some pills are incredibly hard to swallow, but unless you like to live your life under a cloud of obliviousness and deceit, you have no choice but to take them.

Here's a list of things Black millennial know to be truth that other people are having a hard time accepting as fact.

1. Black children drown in depression and can't even talk to their own families.

Mental illness is one thing that has never been taken seriously in the Black community. The admission that we need help mental help is often met with judgement and denial.

2. Black parents kick us out of the house before we are ready.

Black parents tend to kick their children out at 18 or require them to be inordinately financially useful in order to stay in the home while pursing studies or trying to get on their feet.

3. Black youth is seen as less innocent and in need of less nurturing.

The stereotypes we face throughout our lives begin at the moment of conception and although we've known this for a long time, there is finally scientific research to prove it.

4. There aren't enough Black counselors.

Black people need Black counselors and mental health workers. The only thing harder than sitting in front of a stranger and relieving your deepest and darkest thoughts, is doing it in front of someone who could never fully understand you as a person.

5. We raise our sons to have a false sense of manhood.

We've somehow gotten to the point where aggression and emotional unavailability is deemed "strong" instead of what it really is, "sociopathic"

6. Female is a synonym for bitch.

There is a reason "female" is used instead of "woman."

7. Pro-choice isn't pro-abortion.

It's pro-minding your own damn business.

8. My ex-girlfriend is crazy is code for "I played with her emotions."

...and when she was justifiably upset, she called me out and I used gaslighting techniques to diminish her feelings and demonize her character.

9. Feminism and white feminism are two completely different things.

Feminism is the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. White feminism is white women wearing vajayjay hats, showing their tits and ignoring the unique struggles of WOC.

Also, the Women's March was nothing more than a march against 45. It had nothing to do with equality, sexism, hyper-capitalism or the neglect of the disenfranchised.

10. Black people can't be racist.

Rude, yes. Mean, yes. Bias, yes. But, racist, no. Racism relies on oppression, and black people haven't oppressed anyone.

11. Black women and white men can never be friends.

At some point he will say something stereotypical about her hair, her temperament or inadvertently let her know that if their son were to bring home a Black girl, they're not racist, but ....

12. All life won't ever matter in our lifetime.

But we will still fight for our children and grandchildren's futures.

Once we all get on the same page, I suspect this world will be a lot easier to co-exist in.