I am writing this in response to Joey Salad's video about Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter.

(If you have not seen this video, I would highly advise that you watch it before reading this article).

Although I respect the point Joey was trying to make, I believe his social experiment did more harm than help.

The online definition of social experiment is something that typically investigates the effects of a policy intervention by randomly assigning individuals, families, businesses, classrooms, or other units, to different treatments or to a controlled condition that represents the status quo.

This experiment did not accurately represent the status quo in my opinion. In fact, he inflated it. In Joey's video, he not only assumed, but through this social experiment he made it seem like white people do not value "black lives matter."

By saying black lives matter, they aren't disregarding the lives of everyone else.

I can tell your right now I am a white woman, and this does not apply to me whatsoever.

In the same way, he made it seem like black people only value their own lives by not caring about "all lives matter." Need I remind you that "All Lives Matter" was created as a response to "Black Lives Matter." Just throwing that out there.

This is something we are seeing in the media. However we need to remember that the media wants us to be divided, because that is what creates stories for them to inflate. Joey Salad's video is creating a divide. We need to be aware of these things, and not be so narrow minded.

Listen up people—this is important: we are never actually going to understand each other. Certain races are never going to understand what is like to get pulled over by a cop and actually fear for your life. Others are never going to understand that our view of this entire situation has been warped by the media because this isn't directly affecting us.

Both sides of the argument need to cut each other some slack, or Joey Salad's video, along with the media, is really going to divided us for good. Let's love each other. We don't have to understand each other, but respect right now is essential.