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Yes, I Will Pursue A Career In Pediatric Oncology, And Yes I Still Have A Heart

Once you choose hope, anything is possible.


As you grow older, tons of people are always asking you what you want to be when you're older. The question is constantly asked. I have known what I personally wanted to be since the seventh-grade year, a nurse. I did not know specifically the specialty I wanted to do at that point. But for the past three years, I have been wanting to be a pediatric oncology nurse.

As a senior in high school, picking careers is crucial. Tons of people flood me all the time, asking me. I strictly tell them I want to get my bachelors in nursing and become a pediatric oncology nurse. They instantly begin to give negative responses to my choice, on what I want to be in life. They constantly tell me, "You can't have a heart to do that," "The children are always dying," "Why would you want to work in such a sad field" and so much more.

Here is my reasoning, I want to spread joy and smiles to all those children who are fighting. I want the excitement of working in the medical field, I want to be inspired by the work and the people.

Will I be sad, and will my happiness fade at times? Most definitely. I am fully aware of the hardships that come with working in this specific career path. Working with children who are going through the toughest times of their life is something I feel I can handle.

I want to choose to celebrate the good that comes out of this job. I want to choose to be positive and happy. I want to bring the smiles to those kids faces. I want to aspire the children and be inspired myself. I want to focus on the good. I know the children who live in the hospitals could be possibly dying, but what about those who are not.

What about those who get to ring the bell, after their treatment is done? I want to be there for all the kids and the parents.

These children never intended to have cancer at such an early age. The fact that they are so brave and courteous, is something I hope I could be. It is truly admirable. It would be an honor of mine to be able to work with them. Happiness can never be destroyed, but rather multiplied. I believe everyone is put on this earth for a different purpose.

These children need love and light in their life. These children never get to live a ''normal'' life. They sleep in hospital beds, they can't go to school, they can't have a play date with their friends, they can't go on all these adventures, they can't have a normal holiday at home, they spend their days with treatments, having surgeries, recovering from surgery and playing in the playroom.

But living in a hospital is something they never imagined.

Being a pediatric oncology nurse is not something everyone wants to do all the time. So many people frown upon being a nurse for kids with cancer. I personally do see myself become attached to a patient and I see myself staying at the hospital with a kid when my shift is over. I can see myself having lunch with the parents, I see myself driving home crying some nights and I see myself becoming personal with a patient.

So, that proves I do have a heart and I do want to work in this field. I will get discouraged and my hate for cancer will continuously grow. But, with all of that, I think the world needs more nurses for cancer kids. And I know I will strive to be the best oncology nurse I can be.

I know I can't cure their illness and I can't always bring the light to their day. But I can be such an amazing support system, an amazing friend and an amazing nurse to them.

My dream would be to get my bachelors and/or masters in nursing, then go through classes to get my certificate in becoming an oncology nurse for the kids and then possibly working at a Children's Hospital and/or St Jude.

If anyone gets a chance the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, is ALWAYS accepting donations of all sorts. Check it out, if you are able too.

Always remember, every day holds the possibility of a miracle.

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Yes, Mom, I Want To Study The Ocean When I Grow Up

I'm determined to make every child's dream my reality.


Throughout my life, I've been to the beach three times. I'm from a rural area in central Kentucky, and the nearest ocean is at least nine hours away. However, I remember each time I visited the ocean quite vividly. The salty water is an emerald green to crystal clear blue (it depends on who you ask, honestly), and it's always mesmerized me. The world's oceans cover 71% of our planet, yet we know almost nothing about what lies beneath the water's surface. The ocean has always fascinated me, but I never really gave it much thought as a child - I just knew that I loved swimming in it.

Career planning is a big part of any child's life, and I'm definitely not an exception. I've wanted to pursue many different careers - I've dreamt of being everything from a doctor to a lawyer, but none of those aspirations were based on doing what I loved, what I was passionate about. It's important to note that although I've grown up in an inland state, I've spent much of my life in water. I've been swimming since age two, and as a fourth-year swimmer and senior in high school, I'm now Varsity Team Captain of my high school's swim team. I'm very much at home in the water, and I see now the role that this has played in my future career endeavors.

I never thought about pursuing a degree in Marine Science until this past July, on vacation in Destin, Florida. I sat on a boat in the middle of the ocean, parasailing on the Gulf Coast in Florida like the tourist that I was when all of a sudden, a school of dolphins began to hunt in the waters around the boat. I watched them as they swam through the water, having most likely stumbled upon a school of fish that looked like they would make a great lunch. I was instantly mesmerized by these dolphins, and this experience spurred a passion inside of me that has always been there, I just didn't know it yet.

In the days after I arrived back in Kentucky, I began researching the Marine Science field and all that you can do in it. You can do everything from coral reef conservation to studying shark migration habits. You can travel the world studying the ocean and its inhabitants, and there are many more opportunities around the world than one might think. The world's oceans are rapidly deteriorating and it's vital now more than ever to study and learn about them so that we can better protect them. As wide and vast as the world's oceans are, it's easy to find something that interests you and with drive and determination, it's certainly possible to build a career doing what you love where you love.

As a second-semester high school senior enrolling at Troy University this fall, I've decided that I truly do desire to study the ocean, and I aspire to build my life around it. You see, I've never been one to want a job that simply pays the bills and pays well. Work should excite you - it should fulfill you and genuinely motivate you to be a better person. I'm a firm believer that if more people in our nation and the world woke up every day excited to go to work and loved their work, our world would be a better place.

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