Birthdays Don't Have To Lose Their Magic

Birthdays for some people are their favorite day of the year; some celebrate the entire week and they can claim it is their "birth week." Birthdays are what we make of them, however.

My 19th birthday was my least favorite birthday which is making me less than excited for my birthday this year. But a week later, I got to celebrate with my closest friends and they didn't let my birthday tradition end. For the last 7 years or so, I get a Carvel Icecream Cake and those that celebrate with me are obligated to put blue icing on my nose.

I am excited though. 2018 means that I get to see my 20th year of life. That should be celebrated! While I am not certain that this birthday will be all that exciting, I get to celebrate it with my sisters at the very least so that in and of itself is exciting.

My birthday is two weeks after Christmas Eve and a week after New Year's Eve so I feel as if I'm still in the middle of the Holiday Craze. Having a birthday so close to the new year, my birthday can get lost in the excitement of the resolutions of the new year and getting back into the swing of things by going back to school too.

I don't know if this birthday will be a good birthday, but I have hopes that it will be. Granted, it's the day right before the Spring semester begins so I won't have a huge celebration at all and that is totally okay with me.

I know that some people absolutely dread their birthday— despite all the free stuff that restaurants offer— but it's okay. I understand that some people have had terrible birthdays which is why they despise their birthday coming around.

I feel like as we get older, birthdays may lose their magic. Especially since birthdays are a constant reminder that we are getting older which is a terrifying thought for some people.

But personally, I think it's a nice little reminder that we are able to celebrate another year of life; not a thought to remind you that death is imminent. It's another year of new friends, new opportunities, and new adventures. It's exciting to know that there's another year ahead to experience so many new things.

There was a quote I read once that stated, "The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." it can be hard to remember to celebrate. Sometimes it seems as if it would be a million times easier to just give up on living when life gets hard.

So yes, while some may find it excessive to let the whole world know it's their birthday; I think that it's absolutely wonderful that some people go all out for their birthdays. Celebrate you! Celebrate your life! This world deserves all of the good people that are walking it. Everyone deserves to get wished a happy birthday, even if it may not be all that happy. It's nice to know that someone took even 5 seconds out of their day to greet you.

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