Okay so here's the deal. My mom and brother share a birthday on June 22nd. I can't tell you how many times I've heard my mom say that my brother was "the best birthday gift I could ever ask for." Every year when June hits, I brainstorm birthday gift ideas that will top the year's past. I know what you may be thinking...no, I am NOT here to find birthday presents that top my brother being born on my mom's birthday. I have come up with heartfelt and unique birthday gifts that are easily accessible and will definitely put a smile on someone's face. Oh, and did I mention my dad's birthday is also in June? C'mon people, we don't have much time!

When I say heartfelt and unique birthday gifts, I don't mean those construction paper coupons we all use to make when we were little, like..."one free back rub," or "a non-redeemable manicure at the Gabrielle nail spa." I am talking about those uncommon and meaningful gifts that will definitely have them reaching for the tissues.