Binge-Watcher Struggles

Binge-Watcher Struggles

New day, new show!

There are two kinds of binge-watchers in this world, the ones who binge watch for a day and then go on with their lives or the ones who binge watch every day no matter what. The binge-watchers who spend days binge watching a show and after one show they still find another one to watch. Yes, it is a very vicious cycle if you ask me because I happen to be a lucky member of this group. With binge watching there comes many struggles that we face on a daily basis.

When you said one more episode at midnight and it's 3 a.m. now but the show ends with a cliffhanger.

Who needs sleep anymore these days? Even though you know you will watch it again tomorrow, you know you can not go to sleep without knows what really happens.

"Why are you so tired?"

Your mind flashes back to the almost all-nighter you pulled trying to finish your show. Life to too short to regret it.

"Are you really going to watch this all day?"

Honestly, why is that even a question? Of course, I will!!

When you fall in love with one of the characters

There is always one character you always seem to fall in love with no matter what. There is no escaping this.

Finishing a season, to find out the next season doesn't come out til next year

It will definitely be a long year but all you can do is sit and wonder where the season will go next. Lets all hope for the best.

When you finish the entire show and the ending still leaves you wondering

There are plenty of shows that love to leave you hanging but some shows have the weirdest and stupidest endings to them. Not every show ends and leaves you satisfied.

"What did you do all day?"

Well you see, no one wanted to hang out so TV it was all day....yes, I swear I did not turn down plans. *Smerks*

Finishing a series you know will never be aired again

I think this is the hardest to come to terms with because you were late to watch it. Shows such as Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill will never have another episode because it ended years ago. I mean the actors could make a reunion season but that is so much to hope for.

Having responsibilities to attend to

No one likes to be interrupted and most of the time I find myself having to stop when something important is about to happen.

Having troubles finding a new show to watch

You feel like you have watched every show you could possibly love and it becomes a struggle to find a new one.

Binge watching is fun and entertaining. The amounts of shows out there is unreal and you can never say you have watched them all. So cheers to the ultimate binge-watchers and I hope you all the best with the next show you take on.

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Poetry as A Way to Process Body Image

A poem about my hands

The prompt for this poem was "what do my hands know?". I've answered this prompt before and written about being a musician who creates aural art with her hands, but this time I turned my contemplation in a different direction—toward my hands themselves.

I think it's interesting that I chose to conflate knowledge with a realization of aesthetic value independent from traditional social norms for women in the current US culture.

A History of My Hands

By Lydia Solodiuk

My hands know that they are beautiful.

It was a reckoning a long time in coming.

I hated their oversizedness, having a man’s hands in the 5th grade isn’t what any girl wants.

I hated that I didn’t have pianist hands even though I was a pianist in my younger days

It took a visit to a laser esthetician office’s,

She, heavily coated with makeup and derision, judged my hands unacceptable to the feminine norm.

So I ran outside, into the narrow parking lot bordering a small highway. Everything smelled like exhaust and rubber and pizza sauce.

I watched the man through the grimy window shape a pizza with his bulky man hands into a perfect swirling circle.

That was the beginning of love, for me and my hands.

What a poetic beginning for a girl descended from Sicilian orchards

Where grimy, hardworking hands slowly caressed lemons into wooden boxes.

Cover Image Credit: Public Domain

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Who IS Allowed To Talk About Gun Control?

I have more questions than there are answers but I hope that we are on the way to a country with far less gun violence.

Who is allowed to talk about gun control?

I see a lot of stuff on social media saying that teenagers don’t know enough to talk about gun control. Why? If a teenager dies of cancer, their friends talk about cancer. If a teenager dies because they were hit by a drunk driver on Prom night, the high school scares their students into not drinking and driving. Guess what, 17 teenagers were killed last week. Why are their friends not allowed to have an opinion on that? They have been going to funerals every day since Friday. I can’t imagine having to go to the funeral of the guy I sat next in math class. People my age aren’t supposed to die, we are supposed to graduate and get our dream job. A high school student should be thinking about homework and what movie they're seeing this weekend, not if that noise in the hallway was a man with a gun.

In media, we project images of strong teenagers. The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, they are all books and movies depicting kids in situations they don’t like. The main characters fight the system causing an uproar from the adults. But, in the end the teenagers are victorious, their prize is happiness and spending their adult lives in peace. Why would adults feed their children these novels and not expect the message to be taken to heart.

Ou president is a 71 year old white man, there were approximately 14 incidents where shots were fired in a school. That is about as many as there have been in 2018. I have no idea what changed, what has made this number dramatically increase. But obviously something needs to change. Why does President Trump feel threatened by the idea of making the ability to purchase a gun less accessible?

Personally, I don’t think that we need to make all guns illegal. There are many people, several of which I’m related to, who legally own guns that have only ever been used to shoot animals during their designated hunting seasons. But, last week I watched in horror as the news story of a guy that I graduated with was shot and killed. He had recently bought a pump action shotgun and was showing friends when it accidentally went off and shot him in the chest.In our society, guns are not going to disappear, but they are far too prevalent and easily accessible to those who clearly do not need to be in possession them.

The students of Douglas High School do not want to do away with guns. They want to make sure that no one ever has to worry about their friends, children, siblings or any one else while they are trying to get an education. I have more questions than there are answers but I hope that we are on the way to a country with far less gun violence.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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