Your Biggest Insecurity is Inside You, Not How You Look

Insecurities: we all have them -- some worse than others. They all play a part in our world and directly into our self-esteem. Many girls, and sometimes even guys, pretend they don't have any, that they "own" the world and they are "invincible." Half the time, the people who pretend nothing is wrong when almost everything is, are the most insecure. I've been there. I asked some of my closest friends "What's your biggest insecurity?" these were some of the responses.


"That I'm not thin enough, that I'm fat. I think no man will peruse or love me for me. That if my body isn't good enough I'm not good enough. I'm not pretty enough because I'm not thin, I'm not skinny"

"Probably my stomach and hips. It's hard for me to lose weight in all those areas. If not that, my acne all over my face."

"Probably my legs, I just don't think they are proportional to my body."

"I feel like my stomach is kinda pudgy sometimes, so probably that"

"My size"

"I'm so bony and have a lot of acne, plus my nose is crooked."

"My smile and my size"

"My tone - I'm not very muscular."

"My weight"


"I have no insecurities I see and know myself as a child of God. He sees me as priceless. He calls me perfect so I am perfect in His eyes. I have no worries about looks."

"Physical strength, but have this has allowed me to be stronger in other areas instead of using only physical strength."

"I think the biggest one for a lot of people is being called to "fat" by your own standards and then not being strong or skinny enough or not fitting what your idea is of the perfect body."

"My biggest insecurity (like what I'd like to change about me) is my skin color."

"For me, it's probably guarding my eyes. So like not looking for lust, but not doing the best sometimes when it shows up."

Everyone has insecurities, some are just worse than others. However, the majority of those things listed up above have been having to do with your looks or your body. However, if we don't like our hair color, we dye it. Don't like your acne? Cover it up with make-up. Don't like your eye color? Put in fake contacts!

However, no matter what color our hair is, how well our make up is on, or what color our eyes are, we still have these insecurities, they don't go away.

Insecurities aren't just what we look like or what we own, however, they are also in our personality and how we do things. It's that you're not a caring enough person, that you're not strong enough to make in through a depression you're in, it's that you can't say no to things that damage your body.

Because of the world we live in, we are taught to focus on our looks and not who we are, which is what truly matters. We are taught to do the "cool" things, no matter how much they hurt us. This world teaches us that our insecurities will "go away" if we fit in with society. However, it's often the things we do to fit in that hurt us the most or give us insecurities.

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