With a weekend at Rutgers under my belt, I’ve never been happier or prouder of my small, private college. Big schools are made out to be the heaven of all universities, but I’m here to defend my school's honor and point out the flaws.

1. Buses

Something about at least a 15-minute bus ride just to get to class makes my 7-minute walk seem like a breeze. That means no more waking up as late as possible and running to class because now you have to plan your day around the bus schedule. And even worse sometimes they’re jammed pack and you have to wait for the next one. Walk or smelly, crowded buses? I’d take the walk!

2. Dining Hall Lines

I thought waiting in lines with 200 kids in a dining hall was rough but now triple that with 6 more dining halls and there’s no escaping it. A quick trip to the cafe is no such thing. If you go to a big school you better prepare a full hour just to grab lunch, enjoy!

3. Parties

Big school parties are made out to be the best parties you can go to. Huge houses and hundreds of people, but they’re not that different from our small school ones. Dancing in a dark basement with jungle juice and beer covering the floor is the same no matter where you go to school. The only difference is, instead of partying with a hundred strangers you know everyone there, which makes it that much better.

4. Walking

Everything is so far away from each other; Academic buildings to dorms to frat houses. Before a night of going out you better have a plan otherwise, you’ll spend the night walking 20 minutes in each direction fro no reason. I thank god that I’m able to walk 30 seconds outside of my dorm and find something to do. I’m grateful that I have the luxury to walk to class even when it’s below zero outside.

5. Parking

Parking has to be the No. 1 thing that my school complains about. There is never any residential parking and you spend most of your time circling the lots if you come back at a bad time. However, I’d take that any day over having to park on a different campus and shuttle back and forth from my dorm and car every time I want to go somewhere.

So stop hating on small schools and thinking you’re better than us because we’re actually more alike than people think. We’re all just college kids with our own school’s perks and proud to go to school there.