For a couple of weeks now, I've been talking about Big Sam's Funky Nation. Their new album, Songs in The Key of Funk, is set to release this Friday, May 4th! With the release of this new album, Big Sam and the band have just released a new song called "What's My Name (Big Sam)"! The song goes along with their funky aesthetic and pairs perfectly with their most recent releases of both "Poke Chop" and "Buzzin."

All of these songs are going to be available for your listening pleasure on the new album but if you want you can go ahead and listen now!

Once you've listened to "Poke Chop" and "Buzzin", you can click here to listen to their newest single "What's My Name (Big Sam)"! If you like what you hear, make sure to pre-order the new album on iTunes!

When asked about the new song Big Sam described its influence and sound as the following: Bootsy, Prince, & Mike Jones are just a few artists that came to mind when writing this song.I was thinking to myself that I needed an anthem! We perform all over the world & I would say the name of the band about 9 times every show, & after every show, some people would still ask... “what’s the name of the band???” It was either that or getting me confused with other trombonists, so I figured I’d write a song to clear up any confusion."

If you haven't listened to anything by Big Sam's Funky Nation yet, it's about time! If you like what you hear they're going to be touring the across the United States until late November! Make sure to check them out!